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#firstlinefriday A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: DYLAN #comingsoon #romanticsuspense #STEM

Okay, this one is making me all happy on the inside! A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: DYLAN is set to release into the book-reading world on September 18, 2023! I am sososo thrilled. Here’s the very first look at the cover:

And here’s the book jacket blurb:

Cyber-security specialist Dylan Keane is working undercover to suss out a corporate thief. When he zeroes in on Harper Vale, he thinks he’s found his mole.

Harper has a reputation as a coding savant and an introvert. Dylan’s interest is flattering, but after she’s implicated in the theft of the company’s protected software, she doubts everything he’s told her.

When a series of potentially deadly accidents occur involving Harper, Dylan wonders if she is being set up to take the fall. One thing is certain: the more time they spend together, the more Dylan realizes he’s the one who’s falling—for Harper.

And now here’s the FIRST LINE:

Chapter 1

Wednesday, noon

Dylan Keane knew if he hadn’t been forced to walk the straight and narrow by his parents, he would have had a lucrative career as a con man instead of a private investigator.

No preorder links yet because we’re so far out for publication, but I am sosos excited to have a set date for release.

If you haven’t read the two previous PRIDE OF BROTHERS books, Rick and Aiden, now it your chance to get caught up!


Elite bodyguard and P.I. Rick Bannerman’s job is to protect. He doesn’t get emotional with his clients, but when a woman from his past is threatened, his next job becomes personal.

Family lawyer Abigail Laine is the target of a client’s vengeful husband, but refuses Rick’s offer of protection. He walked away from her four years ago, and she swore to forget him.

Now her reluctance to accept his help could cost Abby her life.


Lexi Buckley wants answers about her younger sister’s death. The police have labeled it a suicide, but Lexi doesn’t believe it. Stymied in her investigation, she doesn’t know where to turn next. After a chance encounter with a private investigator, she thinks her prayers have been answered.

Aiden Keane has never been an answer to a prayer before, but he agrees to help Lexi. A quirky combo of brains and beauty, the pixie blonde makes him feel things no professional ever should for a client.

When their investigation puts Lexi’s life in jeopardy, her safety becomes his number one priority. The hard part is not falling for her.

Look how great these covers look all together!!!

and here’s one more little teaser….there’s 1 more book-brother left to write. Only 2 people on the planet know the name of this brother, me and a very special lady. Hee hee. More on that to come….


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