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A relaxing retirement??

Most of you know I retired from my job of almost 20 years in April of this year to devote myself full-time to writing. I wanted to give you a little view into what my daily schedule now looks like. This is what I did on wednesday:


  • 2 blog entires for my own website to be held in storage until needed
  • 3 blog entries for sites I will be visiting soon


  • final edits in a novella to be published next february
  • final edits in the third MacQuire Women series book, First Impressions, release date sometime later this year
  • final edits in current WIP ( writing work in progress)

Updated my website; continued Twitter marketing campaign for current book giveaway; answered “reader”emails, emailed my amazing Editor to discuss edits mentioned above.

Sent in two blog entries/release promos to websites I will be visiting this week and next

Registered for the New Jersey RWA chapter conference in October

This was all before 2 p.m., mind you – sometimes it pays to have chronic insomnia.

When my fingers got tired from typing, I did the stuff that needed to be done: grocery shopped, went to the bank, went to the recycling center to drop off, well, recyclables, went to Target, Michaels Craft store and Hallmark ( numerous graduations this month!) I did three loads of laundry, ironed, vacuumed and painted.

This is retirement?? I should go back to work, it was less exhausting!




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