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Persevering thru Panic…with Susan A. Wall

One of my favorite things about being a writer is the other writers I meet who come to mean something more to me than simply the fact that they are writers, too. When I joined my local chapter of NHRWA, I was introduced to many talented, exceptional women who write various genres of romance. One of those writers was Susan A. Wall. This is her third visit on the blog with me and each time she’s here there’s a fun story to read, today no exception. She’s got a new release out soon and you’re lucky enough to hear about it early. So sit back as Susan discusses part of her writing process – a very necessary part!

                                           A Lesson in Perseverance over Panic

It started early on a Sunday morning. I was the only one up, the laptop humming with anticipation as Maddie and Darren beckoned. Candles burned with a sweet fragrance to cover the offending skunk odor from an unexpected Saturday night, and the water in the kettle boiled.

I didn’t care that the kitchen was in need of a good cleaning. I didn’t even care that the laundry situation was even more desperate. I needed to write and to get the words flowing early on a Sunday morning, I needed a cup of tea.

And I needed it in my Tell Me a Story mug – my current designated writing day mug.

That’s when my plans came to a grinding halt.

The mug wasn’t in the cupboard. It wasn’t in the dishwasher. It wasn’t in the sink. It wasn’t on the counter. It wasn’t on the table. It wasn’t in my office in the basement.


I thought long and hard about the last time I used the mug. The only memory I could conjure was drinking out of it in the mini-van. So I traipsed outside in the damp morning air only to come back in empty-handed.

Now this mug is not my only mug. It’s one of many favorites (each with its own story), but it is my go to on a Sunday morning when I’m determined to spend the day writing.


I could have spent the entire day searching for and obsessing over the whereabouts of my mug, I instead engaged in some inner self-talk, encouraging myself to go for Plan B. Because I almost always have a Plan B.

susan 2

So on this Sunday morning, with my hero and heroine desperate to enjoy their first kiss, I grabbed my “think happy. be happy” mug because with my “Story” mug MIA, I needed the happy message.

Fiction often imitates truth, so you can bet a missing mug and the ensuing anxiety is going to pop up in a future story. As it is, the heroine of my next release, THE SOUND OF CIRCUMSTANCE, is a bit of a tea drinker just as I am. Stacie likes different teas for different occasions, but she doesn’t obsess over what to drink it out of the way I do. What Stacie does obsess about in this new story are the results of the six pregnancy tests she takes in a single day. You’ll have to read the book, available for pre-order now, to know the results of those tests!!

So tell me, do you have a favorite mug?

By the way, the “happy” mug did get me to my word count goal and that first kiss. The “story” was found when Hero Husband cleaned the kitchen while I made dinner.

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Big dreamer and certifiable overachiever Susan Ann Wall embraces life at full speed and volume. She’s a beer and tea snob, can be bribed with dark chocolate, and the #1 thing on her bucket list is to be the center of a Bon Jovi flash mob.

Susan is a nationally bestselling, multi-genre author of racy, rule-breaking romance and women’s fiction. Her bragging rights include nine books in three different series, three perfect children, adopting an amazing rescue dog, and a happily ever after that started while serving in the U.S. Army and has spanned nearly two decades (which is crazy since she’s not a day over 29).

In her next life, Susan plans to be a 5 foot 10, size 8 rock star married to a chiropractor and will not be terrified of large bridges, spiders, or quiet people (shiver).



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