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My #top10 Contemporary Romance Authors I think you should know…

One-click authors are, for me, heaven on earth! Whenever I see one of their names scroll down my feed or across my coming-soon link on Goodreads, I immediately click the book to order it without even reading the blurb. These authors are always consistent in the quality of their writing and the beauty of their romance stories. Whenever I read one of their books, everything else in my life fades away because I just can’t stop reading the story. Laundry doesn’t get done, dinner is late, and sometimes I forget to get dressed for the day. (this is okay since I work from home, heehee)

In no real order, just how they popped into my head, here are my top 10 contemporary romance authors I think you should know and read.

Kari Lemor

Marianne Rice

Donna Simonetta Stevens ( and her alter ego Louise Stevens)

Charlotte O’Shay

Jennifer Wilck

Claire Marti

Katie O’Sullivan

Stacy Wilk

Roni Lauren

Lauren Layne



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