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I was checking my writing calendar today – and yes, I have one that tells me what I’m going to be working on on any given day in the month – and today I was suppose to blog on my menopause site, Moments from Menopause. I realized I had nothing new to say on the topic, and since I hadn’t done any research so far this week for a blog entry, I decided to move over to this site and give you a little insight into my writing process. I realize that sounds slightly arrogant ( or more than slightly) my saying “my writing process,” but there really is a method to what I do.

Since I only have two days off during the week from my job that pays me a salary, and I’m usually involved with things during the weekend with hubby, I only have these two days in which to unleash my always spinning mind. Believe me, if I could type in my sleep, or even bring my laptop to my job, I would. During the night I can awaken two to three times with ideas that have formed, or character motivations that are always popping up in my unconscious mind. I try hard to remember them and when I wake up for good in the morning, I usually run to my laptop and jot them down. Usually. Menopause really has done a number on my memory and I’m lucky if I can remember half of what woke me up.

But back to my calendar. At the beginning of every month I make a notation on almost every day about what I want to write about or work on for that day. For instance, in january I blogged 14 times. This corresponded to the 14 post-its I had secured to certain days of the month. If I’m working on a new fiction story, I write the name of the work on the day I wish to work on it, so that serves as a reminder and then that day I’m devoted to just that work. This actually keeps me focused on one project at a time, since I have four to five that are going at any given time. It’s easier to devote an entire month to one work, than to try and split the time I do have free between all of them. Like I said, my mind is always spinning.

I hope one day to have a job that pays me to stay home and write every day of the week. In fact, I say a prayer to that effect every night.

And prayers, like wishes, do come true if you wish/pray hard enough.


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