“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas. A Edison

What does the word success mean to you with regard to your writing? Do you consider yourself successful if you have sold a story or a novel? Are you a success if you’ve made a certain amount of money with your writing? If your writing has afforded you the ability to “quit your day job?” Are you successful because you were able to write 2500 words today and every day for the past week? ( That’s a goodie!) Would you consider it a success if you got a poem or article published in a local magazine?

What defines success to you as a writer?

I’ll bet if you ask ten writers this question you will get 10 different answers. I consider this a good thing, because we shouldn’t adopt the cookie cutter definition of the word when comparing it to your writing.

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines success as follows: SUCCESS: noun

  • the accomplishment of an aim or purpose
  •  the attainment of popularity or profit
  •  a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity

For me personally, as a writer, success has several definitions. I consider any day as a success if I get some kind of writing done, be it this blog, my new WIP, or even journaling. The act of recording my thoughts I consider a success.

I also feel successful with regard to my writing when I finish a tough paragraph, chapter, or article. Writing for me is more than just thoughts on the page. I put a great deal of energy into getting things worded just the way I want them, so that they convey exactly what I mean to say. I’ve got a dog-earred thesaurus on my desk that actually has pages breaking away from the spine because I’ve used it so much.

Whenever I complete and post a blog entry I feel a great amount of internal success because I’m living up to the goal I made for myself earlier this year when my website went live. I vowed to write a bare minimum of three times per week – more if I could – and post. So far I’ve been successful at doing this.

Take a look at your own writing.  By your own definition, are you successful with it? Are you having doubts about it and thinking of giving up on it? Reread Edison’s quote above and then decide what makes you and your writing successful.

Any thoughts?



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