A little luck and a lot of hard work

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.Estee Lauder

Icons are icons, whether writers or uber-business moguls like the lady quoted today. You don’t get where you want to get in life without a lot of hard work. Hard, finger-splitting, muscle making, soul growing work.

I’ve been asked to edit a piece I submitted for publication with the hope  that once I do, it will be good enough to warrant publication. So, I’ve been arduously typing away these past few days, rewriting, editing, editing some more, and trying to live my normal every day  life as best as I can. Because, you see, I don’t just want this to be good enough for publication. I want it to be the best I can make it. I want to feel, once the last word is typed, that this was truly the best  job I could do, that I gave it everything I could, and that I made it better than good enough.

A difficult task, to be sure.

My words, my thoughts, my ideas all have one thing in common: they are MINE.  My babies. I gave birth to them, nurtured them, then when they were ready, let them go. When I let them go out into the world to be read, I can’t help feeling trepidatious that they will be judged harshly. No parent wants to hear anything “bad” about their child. You always feel as if you failed in some way when someone makes a harsh comment about your baby.

I feel exactly the same way with my written words.  Like a wild mamma lion protects their young -sometimes to the death- is the way I feel about my words. My hard work, my soul growing work!

But, as with children, sometimes you have to let them feel a little pain, face a little judgement, in order for them to grow to be bigger, stronger, better.

So, today I struggle with the edits, hating to change or delete one word, one thought, one scene, in order to make the work good enough.

No, scratch that. Not good enough. The best it can be.

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