Is your writing a hobby, a job, or a business?

The last habit in Barbara Wallace’s article “Seven Habits of Effective Writers” in the June 2014 edition of RWA Romance Writers Report magazine, is to treat your writing career as you would a small business. Businesses grow and do well when they evaluate what sells, market to it, continue to learn through conferences and networking, and give the public – (read READER here) what they want, and never stop producing.

My dream used to be to sell a book. One book. I figured I’d be happy with that. One book would be a legacy for me, proof that I’d done what I set out to do: write a good book and get it published.

I realize now this isn’t enough. When I get my first adult book into print ( notice I said when, not if!) I know I will not sit back and go gently into the good night, resting on my one publishing laurel. No. I will need to continue writing, continue marketing, continue networking, learning, and growing as an author. I will learn more about the changing publishing business – and it is a business, after all, because you want people to read your work and to do that they have to buy it – and will adapt, and change as an author myself along the way. This is a career for me. It is the next chapter in my life and I want to be as successful at it as I have with the previous chapters and endeavors.

Before my work is ever published, I already have my marketing plan for it in place. I have my networks, contacts, mailing lists. I’ve set up my website, my Facebook account, and lined up my Twitter followers. I’m LinkedIn and Pinned, Googled and Blogged. I have my capital budget set up and know the price of advertising. I’ve flirted already with interviews and guest bloggings, and I’m ready to launch a book tour – virtual and real.

When I get “the Call,” I will be ready. This is serious business to me. And it is serious business to every other successful, effective author.

Read the first chapter of my award winning new contemporary romance book Cooking with Kandy. Click on this link for a preview:


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