This is me, Leaning in. Or trying to…

So I arrived for the 2014 RWA conference today in San Antonio, TX and I’m already overwhelmed! The check in bag  I was given at the conference registration had 10 – count’ em, 10 free books in it, along with a travel RWA mug, some pens, and a few small items of swag. 10 books! just at sign in. I’m told that every time you go to a group breakfast or dinner, you get more free books.

I didn’t pack a big enough suitcase to bring all this home!

There are soooooo many attendees at this conference. I’ll admit that is a little overwhelming as well. It takes me fifteen minutes to get to the lobby every time I leave my room because there are so many RWA people here, and not enough elevators for all of them – and that’s saying a lot because there are tons of elevators! I will also admit that I don’t necessary like to put myself out there and infringe on a group of people to introduce myself. I usually wait until ( or if,) someone introduces them self to me, before I start speaking. It’s not that I’m rude or even shy. I just don’t really ever think anyone wants to meet me.

Dumb, yes. Thy name is Margaret-Mary.

Anyway, tomorrow the conference officially starts and I am determined to introduce myself to people and to try and make a good impression on whomever I meet.

For this first night I am sitting in my absolutely fabulous hotel room, alone, penning this blog and trying to gird my loins against my inner angst at meeting new people. All my RWA- NH Chapter-mates have told me what a welcoming and wonderful group  RWA is. But even so, I know I need to make the effort and put myself out there, and push myself forward.

Say a prayer for me.

Or two or three.

Heck, say a novena and be done with it.

This is me, kids…leaning in. Or trying to.



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2 responses to “This is me, Leaning in. Or trying to…

  1. Keeli Reese

    I’m shocked to read that you don’t like to put yourself out there cause you were definitely not shy with all of us in line! You were amazing and very outgoing and it was a pleasure waiting in line with you for 3 hours so we could be the craziest and loudest fan girls!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      I think I finally figured it out. Margaret Mary Jaeger is shy and introverted. Peggy Jaeger is a good time girl!who knew I was so schizophrenic?hahaha


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