Love Unifies All…

All you  need is love…..” Paul McCartney

Every year on this date we are reminded of what hate can do, in the world, and to the world.  News pundits broadcast about how hate is ruling certain people, religions, and areas of the world, infiltrating into our freedoms, making us feel unsafe, unwanted, and basically unloved as a people. Hatred, they warn us, is the common unifier in people who would wish our annihilation and destruction. A hatred so strong and burning inside so many, it may ultimately be our undoing as a species.

I choose not to listen to them for one reason and one reason alone.  I truly believe – believe with every ounce of my soul – that LOVE is the strongest unifier, not hatred.

You can call me naive,  accuse me of being simpleminded, even deride me for the thought. But I believe – no – I know – love is the most important aspect of our lives.

That’s all I have to say.



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