The waiting game…

I sent in my first round of edits on my soon to be published romance novel two weeks ago, and once again I am playing the waiting game.

I’ll just say this plainly: I HATE WAITING.

I am not a good wait-or. I don’t like standing in lines waiting for stuff; I hate when something needs to be delivered via snail mail; I break out in hives when I’m waiting for a phone call.  Pregnancy was torture for me. 9 months. 9 long, laborious, months. It might as well have been a lifetime.  It certainly felt like one.

The road to publication is not a short one. I knew that going in. What I didn’t know was that I’d be so stressed with the time frame. I almost wish I was on a time crunch deadline. THAT I can relate to and work through. Deadlines are my friends – always have been. I actually do some of my best work when I’m on a deadline.

I know my editor told me she would get back to me within 30 days. 15 have already gone by so that’s half way, right? Home stretch time, correct? I should be sitting back, just working on book three in the series ( I am, truthfully), and not worrying.

Not gonna happen. I’m a worse worrier than I am wait-or.

Waiting and worrying.

This is my life…..


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