July 4th…

This uniquely American day of celebration is filled with fireworks, grilled food, patriotic home-town parades, and pride.

It’s a day in which we remember the reasons for our freedom, the battle for our country’s independence, and the history we made as a fledgling nation.

We sing our National Anthem-although half the population doesn’t even know or understand the words; we show the world how proud we are to be Americans; and we enjoy a day free from working at jobs most of us complain about.

We attend baseball games, backyard barbecues, and pool parties. Our children wave handheld flags, sit in lawn chairs along  parade routes to see firetrucks, hear home town bands, and wave at local dignitaries reveling in their one small hour of the public spotlight.

Most of us- but not all- have the day off from our jobs, employers understanding the need for their workers to have a day to celebrate this holiday.

How many of us remember – really remember – the reason we celebrate the fourth of July? We all learned it in school, taught to us at a very young age.  In its simplest form, today was the official day our nation declared independence from a sovereign nation. Today was the date in history the leaders of our young t0-be nation all signed their names in blood to the Declaration of Independence. Today again, simply, we told the world we demand to be free. To have the rights God instilled in all men allowed to us.

Today, we became what we were meant to be. As a nation; as a people; as a symbol for all humanity.

Ad we’ve been fighting to protect that freedom ever since.

So, today when you’re having a ‘burger, or waving the flag as the parade marches by,  and watching the spectacle of another outstanding fireworks show, take a moment and remember the AMERICANS who risk their lives daily – every hour of every day – to keep us free. Our men and women in uniform don’t have today off to celebrate our freedom. They are working to guarantee it.

God bless you all and God Bless the United States of America. Happy July 4th.

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