RWA15, continued

Day 2. The Goodie room is now open and can I just say YEAH! Free stuff and SWAG!!


heres my contribution:


Hey! Who doesn’t like  candy??!!

So I’m sitting in the hotel bar/restuarant area watching all the famous, infamous, and want to be both ( or either!) walk by. Every time someone looks at me and they are wearing an RWA lanyard I smile because you never know who it is smiling back. Could be my dream agent…could be the author I love most in the world ( Are you listening Nora Roberts??!) Could be my new best friend. Okay, those last two sound a little creepy, but you know what I mean…

The Nora Roberts Foundation for literacy is sponsoring the author signing this afternoon that unfortunately I couldn’t get into…next year for sure!!!.. but I’m volunteering at it so I will let you all know who I see and everything about the event.

BTW here are some random New Yorkers just walking around on a sunny day.

20150722_103349 20150722_103139




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2 responses to “RWA15, continued

  1. Jealous! Wish I were there!



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