A Reflection on the Dark Dance with the Shadow We Call Depression

A piece worth reading, a thought worth remembering, and my own addition, the TAO of NGU NGI for all those struggling – never give up never give in.

Susan Wall, Instructional Designer

I wrote this two days after Robbin Williams’ death and opted not to post it at that time because too often viral messages have a very short life expectancy. Depression, or any disease, isn’t something we should think about only in the fleeting, emotionally-charged moments following a tragedy; depression is like a virus that spreads, slowly, methodically, praying on those who don’t have the means to fight it. It doesn’t mean someone is weak or selfish or desperate. Depression is different for every person who faces it. I’ve been sitting on this post for a year, and now on the anniversary of Mr. Williams’ death, I think it’s time to finally release this into the wind as a reminder that depression is alive and not just lurking in the shadows, but thriving and stealing the livelihood of too many.

55fc983c13_robin-williamsRobbin Williams did not have a profound impact on my life…

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