A sexy Saturday tease….

Ok – here’s a scene from my soon-to-be-released 3rd book in MacQuire Women, FIRST IMPRESSIONS.


Since it’s a #mysexysaturday feature, this one’s rated pg-13 ( and maybe even R!), so no kiddies in the room when you read it!

He bent and, while she slept, traced his tongue around one nipple until it hardened and beaded in his mouth. He felt her start to stir, watched as her legs pulled upwards and her back arched. Even in sleep she stirred his blood.

His hand dipped down, trailed over her abdomen, over her pelvis, to rest on the core of her heat. He slipped one finger between her beautiful, plump lips to find her hot and ready.


He smiled at the surprise in her sexy sleepy voice. “Right here, sweetheart.” He bent and kissed her, slow and unhurried, as if he had all the time in the world to take with her. She shifted under him, wound her hands up along his shoulders to settle at the nape of his neck. “You smiled in your sleep,” he said against her mouth, his tongue outlining her bottom lip. “What were you dreaming about?” He pulled back to look down at her.

Her hands clenched in his hair. With a determined tug, she brought his mouth to within a breath of hers. Her nose slid along his, back, then forth, as her eyes, no longer slumberous, but wide awake and wanting, bore right through him.
“You,” she whispered. “I was dreaming of you.” She moved so their mouths joined again.

“I want you,” he told her, his lips tracing her jaw. “Right now. And then again.”

She pulled her head back so she could look at him. With a lazy smile he found both charming and wickedly seductive, she gave him back his words. “I’m right here. Right here with you. And I want you, too. Right now. And then again.”

Whew! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m off to the shower after reading that one, and I wrote it!

Comments? Thoughts? Let’s discuss….



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