Dream a dream…wish a wish….

I receive a GOODREADS email/update almost every day – for which I am thankful. I lovelovelove Goodreads. One thing I’ve noticed in my notifications ( too much alliteration, there?) are the reader updates. A listing of what people I follow or my “friends” are currently reading.  If you have a KINDLE, the device – or I guess Amazon, really, plugs you into Goodreads when you start and finish the book so you can update your progress. I do this too, I list the book I’m into at the moment, and then mark it when I’m done as “read.” I always rate it, sometimes review it.

Yesterday, I received an email update with what 74 of my friends are reading. Goodreads lists the person’s name, along with book title and cover. Of those 74 updates ( and there were 531 books being read or added to my friend’s lists) I didn’t see mine, once. I realized, at that moment, how much it would really mean to me as an author to see my book cover and title plastered onto someone’s Currently Reading or Read column.

Conceited, much??

Nah, just a hopeful author looking for readers who like my work. So, if you’re on Goodreads and you’ve read one of my books……….

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