10 things I should have said better…if I’d only stopped to think first

I love lists and top 10 lists – like Letterman’s – are my favorites. Here are the things my impulse control issues could have done without giving a voice to:


  1. That’s not really your natural hair color, is it?
  2. You can’t raise someone else’s kids, but someone should volunteer to raise yours.
  3. Nosey, much?
  4. When was the actual last time you washed your hair?
  5. That color does nothing for you sallow complexion.
  6. Oh yeah… a diet that includes French fries and beer and you can’t figure out why you can’t lose weight? Really?
  7. Stupid, much?
  8. The last time I looked, stupid and ignorant weren’t things to be proud of.
  9. Did I just say that out loud? Shit.
  10. ….and the absolute worst thing I ever said to someone: You went to an actual school to learn how to do that? Really? They pay someone to teach that?


I’ll leave it to your imaginations to figure out what I was referring to. ( LOL)

Ever say something you wish you’d said in a nicer, better way? Let’s discuss….







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2 responses to “10 things I should have said better…if I’d only stopped to think first

  1. Sandra Dailey

    I’ve always been painfully honest and it doesn’t faze me when others are the same. I have four sisters. Sensitivity is only given to the baby sister. We call her spoiled brat. However, when I blurt out my brand of honesty, I find it’s getting easier to get away with. I’m old. People figure I’m slipping into dementia, like Sophia on The Golden Girls. Talk about liberating!

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Sandra – hahahahahah! Well, I don’t have a good enough excuse because I’m an only child and, truthfully, I should know better, but the older I get the less time I have for people to get to the point…hence, the impulse control issues!


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