My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop # 111

Welcome to the 111th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Sexy Today


A little over two years ago, we had an idea…an idea that sexy meant different things to different people…we knew this was true because of the books we read and wrote. We wanted to share sexy with everyone. We wanted authors from sweet to sensual to smoking hot to share with us their idea of sexy.

And come they did. In droves, some weeks better than others but everyone sharing their dream of what sexy meant. Last week it was a sexy boy, the week before that the sexy girlfriend. Each week we’ve had a different theme and have had authors post using that theme as a base board to start with. We even encourage them to post when their story doesn’t fit that theme because sharing is sexy and we all want to read just the good stuff every once in a while.

So today, there really is no theme except sexy today. Authors are free to post whatever they want within the normal rules. Just make it sexy, sexy and more sexy.

For the readers, please visit us at our new Author Central where we’ll be sharing even more from our authors. It’s also the place to hear all about our 100th week Anniversary Bash next Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Get all the details for all the prizes we’ll be giving away. We’d love to have each and everyone of you there.

Remember that the sexy boy will turn the man of our dreams. That our high school crush is really the one we want. That the captain of the spaceship is the hottest thing we’ve ever seen. And the everyday joe is the one we want to take home to mom and dad.

Sexy can be anything, such as romantic moments like walks on the beach, a home cooked meal or even in another galaxy. It could be two lovers here on Earth dreaming about the day where they go on a magical vacation to another planet. Or staying right here at one of those wonderful places we can find in our own world.

Sexy has nothing to do with looks or status or even wealth. It doesn’t demand perfection and it isn’t pretentious but it does make us want to read those books. We know that everyone has their own idea of sexy and we all love sexy! Click on the link below to hop over to some other Sexy Blogs.

My idea of a sexy guy is someone a little misunderstood, a little alpha with beta mixed in, and completely confident in his own skin, so here’s my newest example of a sexy male – Padric Cleary from my current release FIRST IMPRESSIONS


He put a hand to her lower back while they were guided to their table, and Clarissa’s nerve endings all stood at attention. When he lowered his voice and said into her ear, “I’ll worm it out of you,” those same nerves firecrackered through her system. His voice sent a punch of sexual heat, quick burning and erotic through her insides, and—God help her—she knew she’d tell him anything he wanted if he used it on her again.

The late lunch/early dinner crowd was heavy in the North End from patrons having a bite to eat before heading to Fenway Park or to the theater district for a show.

As she had on the street, Clarissa noted several female heads turning to the men at her table more than once. When Pat smiled at their waitress as he ordered a drink, the woman noticeably stood straighter, jutting her breasts out while she wrote in her pad.

When Quentin turned his attention to Moira, Clarissa took the opportunity to whisper to Pat. “You really can’t help it, can you?”

To the question in his gorgeous eyes, she added, “The whole natural, sexy, flirting thing you do without even thinking about it.”

The grin started at one corner of his mouth and spread across to the other side, mesmerizing her. All Clarissa had to do was move a fraction of an inch and she would have been in Pat’s lap, her lips molded to his. When her gaze dropped to his mouth, his perfect teeth peeking out from behind his irresistible grin, she actually considered giving into the thought.

“You think I’m sexy?” His voice slipped into a seductive timbre that made her lady-parts quiver.


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