First Dates…

My dear writing friend and multi-published author, Susan A. Wall  is celebrating 20 years of togetherness with her man ( which is wicked awesome, isn’t it??!) and that got me to thinking about relationships and first dates.

I’ve been very open about my first date with hubman because it set the tone for our relationship and marriage. For those of you who don’t know the story – and there can’t be many because I talk about it ad nauseam!  –  for our very first date we flew to Boston for the day from NYC. I’d never been on a plane before so it was uber exciting from that standpoint alone, but we toured the city and then wound up in the North End for a delicious, multi-course dinner.  Believe me, I was not watching the calories at that meal! A quick flight back to NYC because he had to work the next morning, and I had knew I was in love forever.

When I write about first dates, I always try to give the couple something memorable to do. In my newest release FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Pat and Clarissa’s official first date out and about is when they go to a Boston Red Sox game. It’s her first professional ballgame and it signifies a big change in their relationship when the game ends. Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from the day:

When Quentin handed her the huge chocolate ice cream laden with rainbow colored sprinkles, stuffed into a plastic baseball cap with the team’s logo on the side, Moira grabbed him with her free arm and kissed him soundly.

Pat snuck a glance at Clarissa, and, while he handed her a soda and sat down, whispered, “I’d like to think I’d get the same kind of thank-you from you if those two weren’t around.”

Without even thinking about the consequences, Clarissa snaked a hand around his neck and pulled him in for her own kiss.

When her lips spread over his warm and full mouth, she didn’t care who saw them or knew what they were doing. He felt so damn good and tasted even better.

“Oh. My. God!” she heard Moira cry.
“Don’t look now,” Quentin said, a laugh flowing out of him, “but you two are on live television.”

Clarissa pulled back when the words registered. She quickly found the jumbotron across the backfield wall and sure enough, she and Pat were front and center. The entire stadium shouted catcalls and cheers. Before she could take a breath, Pat grinned and pulled her in for another kiss, this one heart-stoppingly hot. She could hear the cheers reaching a fever roar, and the irony of the situation pushed through her mind.

When Pat pulled back, grinning, her hand still around his neck, she took a moment to catch her breath.

Clarissa experiences many firsts with Pat throughout the book that set the tone for their relationship….much the way that first date flight to Boston did for my hubby and me.

So, what was your first date with your significant other? Memorable? Laughable? Regrettable or unforgettable? Details, please, so let’s discuss….

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10 responses to “First Dates…

  1. Mary Gillgannon

    Fun topic and it sounds like a fun book. My first date with my husband we went to a strip club! Of course it wasn’t his idea, but my girlfriend’s. She and her boyfriend wanted to go there and so we went along. My husband-to-be hardly looked at the strippers, which was gratifying. And later we went to a dance club where we had our first kiss. I swear, I fell in love right then.

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Mary — awwwww Love at first kiss. Love it ! And if you can survive a strip club, you can survive anything your relationship throws at you. Questions : did the girlfriend and her boyfriend live happily ever after, too?


  3. Allison

    Sounds like a a terrific book! My first date with my husband was a set up and he was 45 mins late. I thought of leaving several times while I sat there alone at the restaurant with the proverbial rose in a book and waited for this unknown man. The smartest thing I ever did was to stay because he turned out to be the love of my life. We will have been together 15 years in November. : )


  4. Tanya Hanson

    Hi! What a fun blog. Hubs and I just made our 41st happy year…considering I picked our first-date movie. Deliverance. Burt Reynolds. So NOT a date movie, much less. First one LOL.


  5. janarichards

    Loved the excerpt, Peggy!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Barbara Bettis

    Your book sounds delightful, Peggy. The first date with my dear husband J. was unexpected. We met at a writer’s meeting when I sat across from him at lunch. He asked if I’d would take the rest of the lunch break to show him the location of a nearby tobacco shop–he needed tobacco for his pipe. We arrived at the only one I’d heard of only to find it closed. We ended up skipping the afternoon session to sit in his car and talk for the next three hours. He always called that our first date 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Peggy Jaeger

    OMG Barbara – what a wonderful way for an author to meet her soulmate—at a writer’s conference!! Serendipity, much??? Too sweet.


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