My baby was home this past weekend to attend the wedding of a high school friend and that got me to thinking about weddings and the months in which they occur.

Of course, a couple can be married any month, that goes without saying. While June and July have typically been the most preferred months for weddings – something I’ve never really understood – I wonder why a couple pick the month they do to tie the knot, jump the broom, get hitched, walk down the aisle…you get the idea. Hey, can’t help it…I’m a writer.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I got married the day after Christmas. I know. There’s nothing you can say I haven’t already been witness to from all my friends and family. But…it was the only time he could come home from his job in Wisconsin to do it, so. I loved getting married on the 26th of December. Everyone – everyone! – was still in such a good and joyous mood from the holiday and more importantly, our families were still all together and didn’t have to travel again to celebrate the day. It was a cold, crisp day, about 27 degrees in NYC, a scant amount of fresh snow covered the ground and streets so everything looked pretty and my colors were – surprise, surprise – red and green. Beautiful. It really was.

Scan 1

Now, I lovedlovedloved my winter wedding, but autumn is my favorite time of year. There is something so rich and spectacular, so grand and breathtaking about the kaleidoscope of the changing colors. The harvest is bountiful and the food amazing. An autumn wedding would be a delight to plan just from the color spectrum choices for me.

A Spring wedding brings with it the beauty of rebirth and the threat of rain. I always feel anxious when I attend a wedding during the spring months because I don’t want rain to mar such a memorable day. Isn’t there an old saw that goes, “Happy is the bride the sun shines upon?”  Now I personally happen to love rain. A rainy day is a gift to me for a number of reasons, but a beautiful bride bedecked in pure white with….rain spots on the back of her dress, is not a happy thought!

In my second novel THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Moira Cleary and Quentin Stapleton marry on an august day in her parent’s garden. Instead of it being an uncomfortable hot and humid day, like any august day in Connecticut could be and often is, I flubbed the weather and made it a glorious, sunny, just-warm-enough afternoon for them to say their nuptials. Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from the day:

As the guests all stood and turned to watch the procession, Seamus leaned down to his daughter and said, “I married your mother in this garden twenty-nine years ago. It was the best day of my life.”

Moira squeezed the arm she held, touched.

“Until the day you two were born,” he added. “And now today. Baby, if you know a tenth the love and joy with Quentin your mother and I have had, then I’ll be a happy man the rest of my life.”

“I love you, Daddy. So much.”

He turned to her, his eyes shimmering in the afternoon glow of the sun.


So… you know what’s coming! What month did you marry in? Why that month? Was your wedding all you hoped and dreamed? Come on and share…we’re all friends here. Let’s discuss….


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10 responses to “WeddingsRUs

  1. I married in my favorite month: September! We just celebrated 31 years. I credit the perfect day–not too warm, not too cold, sunny and mild–for our success. But my son married at Christmas last year, so I can identify with your story. The colors were beautiful though–red and green with touches of black. Gorgeous.


    • Peggy Jaeger

      Renee – my daughter’s birthday is in September and as I’ve said, fall is my favorite time of year. The colors are amazing and it’s not too hot, not too cold, and usually not raining. As I say a great deal, “it’s babybear” meaning, just right!!


  2. janarichards

    My anniversary is May 6. The reason we chose that day, believe it or not, is agricultural. Both of us come from farm families on the Canadian prairies. At that time, both of our parents were still farming, and many of our aunts, uncles and other relatives were farmers too. So we wanted to have the wedding before the busy seeding season later in May, which is followed by the busy baling and haying season in the summer, to be followed by the even busier harvesting season in the fall. If you’ve ever experienced a Saskatchewan winter, you wouldn’t even have to ask why I wouldn’t want to get married then!

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  3. Peggy Jaeger

    Jana – my birthday is in May and it’s a gorgeous month! And you should be commended for taking your family’s and their livelihoods into consideration when planning it. I bet it was a beautiful day for you, weather-wise, as May is ALWAYS a beautiful month.


  4. I am an ordained minister, and I’ve performed a lot of weddings. July and October are THE most popular months. I just did a late September wedding, which here in Colorado makes a whole lot of sense, since we usually get snow in October. But most of my wedding work was done when I still lived in the Midwest, and Octobers in the Midwest can be stunning. As for when I got married…I’ve done it three times. But only with two husbands. Wait, let me explain! haha! My first husband and I got married on Valentine’s day, on a whim, and boy, was that a huge mistake. So I pretend I don’t remember that. Divorced, moved on, met my new man, and married him on Friday August 13th. There were reasons. But it was a quick, small wedding, with a bigger event planned for the following March. No, I wasn’t pg! It just, well, it’s a long story. Anyway, I woke up on my wedding day and it was SLEETING. I could hear it pinging the windows in my bedroom. It sleeted on and off all day. But it didn’t matter, we had a beautiful indoor venue and a lovely ceremony and a wonderful reception. My oldest daughter is getting married this coming June, and she’s having a devil of a time trying to get all the venues lined up. And June in Colorado…you guessed it…it can SNOW. 🙂

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      OMG Susabelle!!! Snow in June is as bad as when I lived in Wisconsin. We actually had a squall one July 4th!! I’m sure it will be a magnificent day for your daughter, and I will remember to say weather prayers for you when June rolls around.


  5. I married in April as it is a cool month in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Hubby and I were both stationed in England and April was a good monthe for hubby’s family in PA to make it out to Vegas. It was a lovely wedding planned long distance. 🙂

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  6. Peggy Jaeger

    Angelina – how in the name of all that is holy were you able to plan a wedding LONG DISTANCE??! There is a story there, for sure.


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