Heating up the Ice

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Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin/ from my first book, SKATER’S WALTZ.


Figure skater Tiffany Lennox is busy with rehearsals for an upcoming ice show when the only man she’s ever loved comes home after a two-year overseas stint. She needs him to see her for the woman she’s become and not the child he knew to ensure he stays home, this time, for good. With her.

For all his wanderlust and hunger for professional success, Cole Greer comes home wanting nothing more than to rest, relax and recover. He is delighted in being Tiffany’s hero and has a special place in his heart reserved for her. But faced with the oh-so-desirable woman she’s become, he starts questioning his determination to keep their relationship platonic.

When forced by the television network to go back on assignment, Cole – for the first time in his life – is torn between his career and his heart.

Cole and Tiffany generate enough heat between them to melt an ice arena…



She pulled her tights off and, naked, reached for her street clothes. “Why are you so quiet?”

“Just enjoying the view,” he said. She could hear the grin in his voice.

Her head whipped up and caught his gaze in the mirror. She hadn’t realized she could be seen from that angle. A slow smile spread across her face. “Well, let me get you a better one.” She came around the screen.

Cole’s eyes darkened.
“Is that better?”
“No. Come here.”
Obeying, she moved closer until she was within arm’s distance of him.
“Closer,” he commanded, his arms crossed over his chest.
When she took another step toward him, he yanked her down on his lap, and stifled her squeal with the heat of his mouth.

All sense of time and reason flew.

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