MFRW Book Hooks Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and besides being Prince Spaghetti day, it’s MFRW Book Hooks. Click on this link to see the other MFRW authors participating, read their blogs and maybe you’ll find your new favorite author.

Here’s a little snippet from my debut romance novel SKATER’S WALTZ.


When Tiffany declares her feelings for Cole, he’s anything but receptive…

Heat oozed from her body as she glowered at him. “And to think,” she said, glaring hard at his laughing face, her voice quiet and tight, “I fell hopelessly, endlessly in love with you that day. I should have known you’d turn out to be such a creep. What a waste my life has been, pining after you, waiting for you to notice me, longing after you with every breath. God, what a moron …”

Tiffany stopped. Mouth agape, eyes wide and clear, she stopped tugging on the towel and opened her hand in surrender.

Cole didn’t let go of her wrist. He couldn’t, not after what she’d just confessed. Her face had gone pale again, her lips turning to chalk. He dropped the ring back to its chain and saw it glinting in the light, lying over the small upsweep of her breasts made bare by their struggle. Breasts he suddenly felt an intense need to cup, kiss, and nuzzle.

He didn’t know how to respond. Her words were true; there was no doubt about it. No explanation necessary.

“Tiffany, I…don’t know what to say.”

With a jagged breath, she threw back her head. Choking on a sob, she told him, “You don’t have to say anything, Cole. Really.”

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