Post Holiday thoughts…

I’ve been silent on my multiple social media sites since Christmas Eve because I was traveling to spend time with family for the holiday. I got home today to over 600 emails, 300 Twitter feeds I had to view, and too many Facebook announcements to cover. To say I was in a bit of Social Media withdrawal is the understatement of the season.



I recently read…somewhere, I forget exactly where…that people really do have addictions to their social media, or more accurately, their smartphones, which basically rule their lives. I can so, so believe this is true. NOMOPHOBIA is an actual psychiatric term given to the fear of being without your cell phone. I found a cool article that explains the condition, and you can click on it here.  To summarize, people fear being away from their phones to shower; they sleep with the phones under their pillows; and they experience high states and levels of measurable anxiety when they can’t readily locate their phones.


I will tell you honestly, I feel I suffer from this. Before my first book was published, I checked my sites on my phone maybe once a day. Since SKATER’S WALTZ hit the market I have increased that checking behavior to almost every half hour. It has gotten worse with each subsequent book release. I feel a constant need to be in touch with what is going on on my sites: facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest the most. Honestly, I think I need to go to a support group and say, “hi. My name is Peggy and I’m addicted to my smartphone.” I have a recurrent nightmare as soon as I say that, all the other addicts in the room will whip out their own phones and start “searching” me.



So, after I spent a total of 6 hours going through everything, every site, every announcement, tweet and email, I was ready to do some serious writing work.

And then my phone beeped with incoming messages.

Speaking of social media sites, here’s a treat ( like that segway?!) Here’s a trailer for all the Candy Hearts books coming for Valentine’s Day, with the dates of their releases. Keep an eye o the 2/8/16 segment and you’ll see my cover, 3 Wishes. Click here:


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