I don’t just write, you know…

Recently, on my blog, I shared a conversation I had in the nail salon where a fringe acquaintance asked me, “Is writing all you do?” Yes, she did leave the salon upright – my nails were wet and I didn’t want to damage them – but it wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked that question since I retired and started writing full time. It’s made me mad a few times, chuckle some others, and left me befuddled a lot. A. Lot.

Why do people ask a question like that? To me, it’s as insulting as saying to a stay-at-home-Mom, “Oh, you stay home. You don’t work.” Hello? Have you ever seen a stay-at-home-mom? She may not be going outside the home to earn a paycheck, but she works 24/7/365, she’s always on-call for emergencies and the first line of defense with everything child, spouse, and home related.

The reasons I get crazed when someone says things like, “Oh, you write. Must be nice to be home all day just lounging around,” or, “You’ve got it made, never having to work at a real job,” are varied, but uppermost, they’re downright insulting. The implication of being a writer is that you don’t do anything during the day. You sit around eating Milano cookies and watching TLC. Do people actually believe that? Are they that stupid? Where do they think the books that are written come from? The minds of computers? Monkeys with keyboards? Do they think there are little fairies sitting in cupboards trolling them out? Where?

I spend 6-10 hours, 5 days a week writing, and 3-5 hours daily on the weekends. That includes not only writing my novels, but I also manage 2 blogs, pay blog visits to other sites at least 5 times per month, and am in charge of my marketing/promotion for my books. No time for cookies and reality tv, folks.

During the times I am not writing, I run the house which includes cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, bill-paying, exercising, etc. I don’t have a cleaning lady. I don’t have an assistant. I don’t have an intern. I do it. All of it. When my husband comes home from work we eat a made-from-scratch dinner cooked by…you got it: me.

And when all of those things are said and done, I also read for pleasure (other authors!), I love to cook new dishes and recipes from the 100+ cookbooks I have, and I paint.

No, dear nail salon bimbo, writing isn’t all I do. I have a life; a damn good one, too.

So, there.

….and here’s an example of what I’ve been writing. On 2/8/16 3 WISHES (A Candy Hearts Romance) is released. You can preorder now, here:


And here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to whet your reading appetite:

It was Dr. Dreamy.

The man had been a hunk-a-doodle when he’d been in my shop. Right now he looked like sex on a candy stick. Tall, lithe, wide-shouldered and narrow-hipped in his scrubs, he was every fantasy I’d ever had about what my man would look like. He stood in the doorway of the waiting room and stared at me.

And I stared right back.

“I assume she’s your mother,” he said, hooking his thumb in the general direction behind him.

I nodded. He grinned, and my toes curled up at the tips. “She’s a force to be reckoned with.”
I winced and replied, “She means well.”
Even to my ears it sounded more like a weak question than a declaration.
His grin spread, and I swear my girlie parts quivered. Quivered.

When he came toward me, eating up the floor with his long stride, a hot bead of awareness burst from somewhere deep, deep down inside me.

When he was within smelling distance—and have I mentioned how amazing he smelled—he stopped, his gaze lasered on my face.

Dear Reader: want more? You know what to do, LOL!

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