The things I learn just to use them in my books…


I came across this little meme today and -surprise! – thought it was perfect for a writing post! Yeah, I know, it always amazes me where inspiration comes from too!


If you know me personally you know I lovelovelove to cook. My mother is not exactly what could be termed “a good cook.” Working 2 jobs during most of my childhood made for many dinners that were thrown together at the last minute with no preparation or thought put into them. Dried, baked chicken with no seasonings served with bland boiled carrots became a staple as did peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches. Is it any wonder when I grew to maturity the desire to learn how to actually cook a meal that tasted good was a necessity?

I scrounged garage sales, discount stores, and the sale racks at books stores for any kind of cooking tome from How-To’s, to 50 ways to make chicken books. Currently, I have over 100 well loved, dog-eared and, frequently used cookbooks in my house. A new cookbook as a present will send me into spasms of pleasure that equal…well, I let you fill that in with your own imagination!

In every book or story I write, someone cooks. Well. The MacQuire women are all superb cooks who can whip up five-course meals for a house full of company in less than an hour. The San Valentino women cook old-school recipes using things we’ve been told are bad for us like real butter, cheese and red meat. No one in the family has any kind of weight problem from eating this way. Interesting, don’t you think?

I use my cooking skill in my books, and I’m still learning new recipes and ways to cook and serve food everyday and I will until I can’t hold a ladle any longer. So…have you ever learned something new just to use it in a book? Or do you incorporate any hobbies or things you love to do into your own stories?  Let’s discuss….

And since we’re talking about cooking, here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from my 3/11/16 release of THE VOICES OF ANGELS.


“T’isn’t the most nutritious meal I’ve ever prepared in this house,” Addie said, “but at least it’ll fill your bellies.”

“Personally, Addie,” Mike said, “I love sandwiches for dinner and cold turkey is my absolute favorite.”

Addie beamed. “Sure now, you’re just saying that to make an old woman feel better.”

Mike made an elaborate gesture of crossing his hand over his heart. Through unblinking eyes that zeroed in on the older woman’s face, he said, in a voice filled with sincerity, “I swear on my life, these are the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.”

Addie and Carly burst into laughter.

“Well now, there’s a sweet man you are. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” she removed her apron, “I’m off. It’s plum worn out, I am. I’ll see you both in th’morning.”

Carly rose and kissed the woman’s cheek. “Thank you for everything, Addie.”

“Oh, darlin’, t’is more than welcome you are.”

When they were alone, Carly sat back in her chair. “That was sweet of you. Addie may look and sound as tough as nails sometimes, but she’s always pleased with a compliment.”

“I meant what I said. I do love these kinds of easy dinners. I’ve made them enough for myself and Cole over the years to appreciate them.”

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10 responses to “The things I learn just to use them in my books…

  1. msspencerauthor

    Hi Peggy, I love the little meme–so true. For 1 book of mine I had to find recipes for all kinds of wild fruits; for another I learned all about Masons and another about the Queen of Sheba. It’s like being a perpetual student without the pop quizzes! Oh, loved the excerpt and the cover! M. S.

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  2. Mary Morgan

    I LOVE cooking after a long day of writing. In addition, there’s always some kind of feast, food, and beverage in my stories, too. We are kindred lovers of collecting/receiving cookbooks. The bottom shelf in my pantry contains a partial collection, plus I have a lovely bookcase in my kitchen filled with treasures. Oh, and let’s don’t forget the food magazines, as well. Beautiful cover and excerpt, Peggy!

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  3. Can’t wait!!!

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  4. janarichards

    Another new release? Wow, good for you Peggy. You are amazingly prolific!

    The meme is very true. I research a lot of stuff for writing I ordinarily wouldn’t care about in my real life. If someone examined my browsing history, they might wonder what plot I was hatching!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Jana – when I used to write murder mysteries I was always afraid if anyone saw my search history they’d think I was hatching my own little murder scheme!


  5. Sweet excerpt and what a gorgeous cover. I love how you love the cook. I’m the same way and my first two novels are filled with it. For me I also love a man who knows how to cook and…yes, the heroes of the my Lobster Cove books love to cook! I love learning new things for my books, too.

    Great post.

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  6. Peggy Jaeger

    Nicci – what’s that saying? Food is love?? Yup, in our stories ( yours and mine) I guess we prove that!


  7. My mom sometimes says I was born with a salt shaker in one hand, and a wooden spoon in the other. Cooking has been in my nature for as long as I can remember. All of my heroines cook, for the most part, although I didn’t get to give my heroine in Fairest of the Faire much to do with food (other than eating it). But the book I’m working on now features food in a big way (he’s a butcher by trade, and she’s a country gal living in a cabin in the woods). I love food, I love cooking food, I love eating food. Of course it is going to make it into my books!


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