Happiness is….

Does anyone remember this song? Or the original cartoon of two naked “hippies,” one holding a daisy and both smiling?

I know…it’s sad how I’m dating myself.

But this phrase hit home to me yesterday while I was at my last day of work. Two of my patients came in to pick up contacts at different times during the day and while I was dispensing them, both told me they had read my books and wanted to know when the next one(s) were coming out.

I’m not too embarrassed to tell you I did a happy little author-jig when they left my exam room!


It was such an ego boost to hear that. I didn’t ask if they enjoyed them ( really, what would I say if they told me they didn’t?!!)but, they both volunteered that they had, hence the question on when the next would be available.

I’m not lying when I tell you my fragile little ego – like the Grinch’s heart – grew three sizes yesterday!!

Just thought I’d share that happy moment….


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