Be it ever so humble…

I’m going to bet that the other authors in this blog chain are writing about fabulous places they’ve visited like Hawaii, Australia, Ireland, Bimini. All places that evoke images of sandy beaches, lush and verdant fields that go on for days, tropical temperatures and a slow, relaxing lifestyle. I was all set to write about someplace I’ve visited like that too. Until I realized something….I don’t have to visit other locals and write about the beauty of the land and the people.

I can write about where I live, one of the most beautiful places in America.

Growing up in New York City, it was a long-running joke that if you wanted to see a grove of trees, visit Central Park. Joke though it may have been, it was based on reality. Living in an urban setting is many things: exciting, fast paced, cultural. What is was not, to me, was beautiful.

Fast forward 30 years. Looking to relocate, my husband accepted a job in New Hampshire. I’d never been to the upper New England states before and had no idea what the region “looked like.” We moved in the summer. My first introduction to a Fall in New England was one of the most eye-opening encounters I’d ever had – and it solidified in my mind the move we’d made was the correct one. Colors I couldn’t even begin to identify and name surrounded me.


We bought a house in the woods and I think I spent more time just gazing out the bay windows at the trees turning colors than I did unpacking.

The town I live in celebrates Autumn in a number of ways: apple picking, a pumpkin festival, decorating the main street with fall themed items such as corn stalks, pumpkins ( again!) just to name two.







For years we celebrated the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL where our town donated lit jackolanterns. It’s with pride I tell you we hold numerous Guinness World Records for lit pumpkins in a defined setting. For years, people from all walks of life and literally from all over the world, came to our town during the festival to add their name and pumpkin to the tally.

There’s even a cottage tourism industry in this neck of the woods called Leaf Peeping Season.


From September until November you can drive up any of the highways that connect New England to our sister Canada, and watch the leaves – literally- turn colors before your eyes. Artists from all over the world come to our neck of the wood to try and capture the beauty of the colors, hues, and shades of out trees as they wind down for a nap during winter.

Dorothy Gayle went searching for her heart’s desire and found it in her own back yard. That’s the way I feel about this blog piece. There are so many gorgeous places on earth to travel, but when it comes down to selecting a favorite, I’m choosing my own back yard.


Be it ever so humble…..

Now, I’m sure the other authors in the blog hop challenge have equally as spectacular places to show you, so please visit their sites. Who knows? You may just find your next vacation destination.


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14 responses to “Be it ever so humble…

  1. Beautiful pics Peggy! Makes me want to visit! I, too, wrote about my love of my home state 🙂

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  2. Sherry Lewis

    Beautiful pictures! I love, love, love New England anytime, but especially in the fall!

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  3. I LOVE those pictures, Peggy! New Hampshire is one of the states I hope to visit soon. Now I know I have to go there in autumn!

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    Alina – it is the prettiest season, by far!


  5. Lovely, Peggy. I’ve always wanted to visit New England in the fall.

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  6. I don’t have a fancy place because I’ve not been to many. Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find the most beautiful places. It’s funny as much as I love the desert where my in-law’s live, my mother in-law loves GA because we do have a changing of the seasons and the leaves turn colors.

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  7. My wife would love to see New England in the fall. All those glorious trees!

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  8. You live in a beautiful area of the country, lucky you! East Coast is someplace I’ve never been but keep telling myself I’ll visit some day, and your post has increased that desire. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. OMG, just gorgeous! We have a fall cruise planned from New England to Canada. I’m hoping to see some of these beautiful views. Lucky you!

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