When I first started this blog I vowed I would use it only for good, as a platform for my writing. Not to insult people whose political opinion differed from mine; not to put my family on display, because they didn’t ask for the notoriety and scrutiny from the public that comes with being a published author.

Today, I’m breaking one of those rules,  but for a very valid reason.

Let me ‘esplain.

My darling daughter is running her first marathon on 11.5.17. The NYCity Marathon is brutal. My husband ran it 150 years ago ( okay, not that long ago, but close!) and it can be a killer. My little girl has been training for months. She’s already got a plethora of 1/2 marathons in her running repertoire, but a full 26-er is tough. So, in order to ensure she stuck to the training schedule and her commitment to do the marathon, she decided to run for a cause and that cause if Planned Parenthood.

As a nurse, I am a HUGE supporter of Planned Parenthood for all the good it does for women and their health – reproductive, mental, and physical. With breast and ovarian cancers at epidemic levels, with teenage pregnancy starting to rise again, and with basic health care on the downslide, Planned Parenthood NYC (PPNYC ) has a health center in each borough and serves over 60,000 patients each year, regardless of their immigration status or income. They are a trusted provider of breast and cervical cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, birth control,  wellness exams, and more. And, they reach an additional 25,000 New Yorkers through their educational programs, which empower teens to make healthy and informed decisions.

My daughter has been one of the lucky American women who has always had access to health care when she needed it. She is running for those that don’t have the luxury that she has had, and I couldn’t be more proud to be her mother.

If you can, please support her efforts by making a small donation to the fund. I’ve included the link here. If you can’t donate, no worries…just keep her in your thoughts and prayers on 11/5/17 as she attempts the most grueling, and ultimately rewarding, endeavor of her life.


To Support my daughter’s efforts, click PPNY2017 Marathon FundRaiser 


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  1. Such a great thing your daughter is doing! Good luck to her and a great way to fundraise and motivate!


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