5 things on my #BucketList

Lovelovelove this challenge this week!!!

We all have (or should have) dreams, wishes, desires that we want to accomplish/do someday. Just like the movie it was named for, these dreams are called our Bucket list.

I will admit, mine was an empty list until 2 years ago. Up until then the only thing I wanted to do was make it through the day, upright, healthy, and fairly unscathed.

Then I got a book contract….and retired from the work force.

And then I allowed myself to dream about what I wanted for my future. I’ve narrowed it down to five because that’s all the blog post allowed for, hence the title!

In no real order, the top 5 things I have on my bucket list are:

Visit Hawaii – and not just visit – take a helicopter flight over the islands, swim under a waterfall, climb the Road to Hana

Visit the Great Barrier Reef before it erodes away.

Skydive with my daughter. She’s already done it so I figure, go with an expert!

Make the USA bestseller list – this one is a little farfetched, especially since I’ll need a runaway bestseller in a category that’s glutted ( contemporary romance) but hey! It’s a wish list, so why not?

Open a charitable foundation – the concept of to whom much is given, much is expected rings sosososos true to me. I have been blessed. Spiritually. Career-wise. Financially. I want, one day, to empower others the way I have been. By paying forward my blessings, I can accomplish this.

I can’t wait to see what some of the bucket list items for my fellow blog challengers are. Click on their links to find out:




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9 responses to “5 things on my #BucketList

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  2. Great list! Open a charitable foundation is also on my list, but not in my blog post today. I want to do something with the arts and underprivileged children someday.


  3. Donna Simonetta

    Fun to read your list! Sky diving would only be on mine if someone was holding a gun to my head in the plane. But Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef, I can get behind! Have you ever heard the song “Barrier Reef” by the Old 97s? It’s one of my faves…the chorus starts with “What’s so great about the Barrier Reef? What’s so fine about art?” It cracks me up every time! A great song to belt out in the car.

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  4. Love your list! I’ll pass on the skydiving though….

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  5. Skydiving? So not for me, but you go, girl! I want to join you as a full-time writer, though, and be right next to you on the best seller list. Good luck with all of your dreams!

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  6. The bestseller list….sigh. I hope you and all of the MFRW bloggers (including me) make it!

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  7. That’s a great list, Peggy, especially the idea of opening a charitable foundation!

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  8. Love your list- I’ll skip on the skydiving. That would have me ‘kicking the bucket’ from sheer terror on the way down, lol.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Maureen – I can’t believe how everyone who commented said the same thing about skydiving!! I’m rolling with laughter – mostly because I must be a moron to even consider it!!!! hahahahah


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