#MFRW Top 5 things on my bucket list

Until the movie THE BUCKET LIST came out, I’d never heard this term before.

Once I knew what it meant I kinda ignored the term for about 10 years or so because I wasn’t ready to make a list of things to do before I die. I mean, come on. It’s not like I’m imminently north ( or south) bound. I don’t have one foot tipping over to the hereafter yet.

Yet is the definitive word in that previous sentence.

So, since I can dream about what I want to do someday, here are my top five thoughts on the bucket list in no real order of when or how I want to do them.

GO skydiving.

My daughter went a few years ago and said it is unlike any feeling or emotion you will ever have.

TUSCANY. I want to visit Tuscany for an extended stay and take cooking lessons from real, old world Italian chefs. My pasta making needs expert instruction!

Testify before the House Committee on Funding. These life-long bureaucrats need to hear from real people about why funding for Mental Health, Cancer research, and Education needs to be fully funded. I’m sick to death of my tax dollars going to pork spending. These guys need to hear from me in person!

Start a public service organization dedicated to PAYING IT FORWARD. I’ve been so blessed in my life; I think if a person can, they should pay that blessing forward in any way possible. We’re all in this together, folks. We need to boost each other up. I know I personally have stood on the shoulders of all the women who came before me who fought for reproductive rights, voting rights, mental health rights, employment rights. I want to be able to do the same for the next generation of women and the generations to come.

Plant a tree in all 50 states. I can see some eyebrows rising with this one, but it goes along with the paying it forward thought. Every day, millions of trees are cut down for various reasons. I understand most of those reasons, but if we cut down one, shouldn’t we replace it with another so the cycle can continue? If we continue to destroy our natural landscape without any kind of replenishment, the future will be a vast wasteland. I don’t know about you, but I want my great grandkids to be able to climb trees, take a walk in a forest, and breath in clean air!

So, those are my top bucket list items. Stop by the other authors in this blog hop to see what they’re planning on doing with the rest of their lives!



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8 responses to “#MFRW Top 5 things on my bucket list

  1. Maureen Bonatch

    Skydiving? Ummm…nope. I love your desire to plant a tree in all the states, how cool!

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Maureen – I was surprised by how many people on this blog thread had sky diving as a bucket list item!!!


  3. Cathy Brockman

    LOL Looks like a big group of us could skydive together LOL. Planting a tree in all 50 states would be great. Nice list!!!

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  4. Skydiving is the surprise commonality among these blogs. I don’t really understand that desire: why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Echoes of my dad there.

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  5. I LOVE the idea of planting a tree in all 50 states! Go for it:)


  6. Great list! Skydiving – ummm, no (but, I did indoor skydiving once, which was very cool). I love the tree idea and am particularly drawn to the Tuscan chef. 😉


  7. LOL I guess we can go skydiving together. And Tuscany! Yes. I’ve wanted to go ever since I watched Under The Tuscan Sun.


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