Books are like children: I hate to pick favorites…but

How is it possible this is week 17 in this blog challenge??? I used to laugh when people said “time flies,” but you know what? No lie!! It does.


Today’s challenge is to write about your favorite romance genre to read or write.  Mine is the same for both. I am a dyed in the wool contemporary romance lover, writer, devour-er. There are sosososos many fabulous Contemporary authors out there to choose from to read ( me among them. HeeHee!) that I’ve never gotten tired or bored once with finding new talent and storylines to inhale. And by inhale I mean, READ.

I’m a live in the present kinda girl – in life and books, apparently. Planning for stuff gives me agita. I’ve never been one to live in the past. I have a hard time suspending my disbelief of vampires, warewolves and ghosts. I’m not into whips, chains and ball gags ( I actually gagged thinking of that last one), and time travel gives me a headache. Although I have a friend who writes time travel really well and makes it easy for me to understand.

So that leaves me with the here and now. Reading about people living in the world today, with all the struggles, problems, and conflicts that abound from doing so is pleasurable to me. I like knowing that a gal who could be me is finding her way in life and love. Not to knock any other genre because they are all fab, but contemporary is it for me.

Let’s see what the other authors in this blog hop are saying: links



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3 responses to “Books are like children: I hate to pick favorites…but

  1. Great post. I like your decisiveness! I do feel the same way about reading a contemporary story thinking someone like me (inferring myself into the story) could find love in today’s crazy world. Not that I would trade the hubs in on some fictional book boyfriend, but we love the crazy rollercoaster ride!


  2. I enjoy reading erotica, but not the BDSM-oriented stuff. I just don’t see anything but humiliation and degradation in that.


  3. We are in agreement on this Peggy. I’m a right here, right now reader. I’ve dabbled in PNR but not much. I’ve done erotica and even some with BDSM but man oh man are those over played in the worst way these days for…reasons. LOL


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