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Jean M. Grant #newrelease SEEKER:A Scottish Medieval Enemies to lovers romance #MortarandPestleseries

My writing friend, JEAN M. GRANT, is visiting me today to talk about her new book SEEKER: A Scottish Medieval Enemies to lovers Romance. The book is part of a 7 book series from a variety of authors under the banner of THE MORTAL AND PESTLE SERIES.

When writing about Scotland, Jean knows of what she speaks, as she tells us, here:

Finding my Muse in Scotland

Over a decade ago for our anniversary, my husband and I traveled to my bucket list destination: Scotland. Lone sheep wandered down the middle of a meandering country road. Windswept moors, heather fields, wet and cloudy skies, the occasional sunshine, rocky trails, impressive mountains, green rolling hills, deep lochs, and a gazillion castles greeted us…it was an amazing trip! Visiting the land of my daydreams stirred the muse within me to write about medieval Scotland. From that inspiration sprung my trilogy and now my spin-off book (it can be read as a standalone), Seeker (which is part of the new Mortar & Pestle series with six other authors).

Here is my list of must-sees!

10. The abbeys—Abbeys are poetic and serene and back in the Middle Ages served as monasteries to different Christian orders. We walked among ancient gray and rose stone ruins at Dryburgh and Melrose Abbeys.

9. The isles—It is hard to not visit an isle while in Scotland. There are many: Lewis and Harris, the Shetlands, or my beloved Uist. We visited Isle of Skye on a dreary day and could not even see the Black Cuillin mountains in the torrential rain, so I had to leave those images to my imagination.

8. Lochs—Like isles, lochs, many glacial, are a must-see and hard to miss whether it is the deep blue Loch Ness, expansive Loch Lomond, or the inspiring Loch Awe.

7. Crags & Glens—High and low crags are everywhere…the Trossachs, Cairngorms, or the five sisters of Kintail are impressive mountains. Glencoe is not one to skip. A rainstorm washed out our path and I got 100 midges stuck in my hair, but it was still oh-ah breathtaking.

6. Standing Stones—Standing stones are one of the few places we couldn’t visit on our trip as most are on the isles. Note to self for next time!  

5. Scottish Folk & Pubs—Scots are pleasant people, and we had a great time chatting with the locals. And yup, there are plenty of the other kind of locals: sheep! My husband even tried haggis.

4. The Lowlands—The lowlands often get overlooked, but they are green and lush with undulating hills. I loved them.

3. The Highlands—Rich in clan history and natural beauty and oh so many hiking trails, the Highlands are the epitome of Scotland. Tramp (hike) through glens, up stony crags, or visit Culloden Battlefield (we did), and just get lost on the winding one-lane roads. On my next visit I hope to hike the Hadrian’s Wall path on the English border.

2. Highland Games—Up for putting the stone, caber tossing, tug-o-war, music, and dancing…oh yes, and lots of kilts? Get thee to a Highland Game. We visited one in Pitlochry.

1. Castles—[notice my countdown order – I loved castles the most!] I visited over a dozen on my trip. My favorites: Eilean Donan (the central castle in my books), Kilchurn (we kayaked to it), Threave (we took a rowboat across a river to it), and Borthwick (we stayed overnight in this 14th century tower house that is haunted).

Seeker is a medieval Scottish romance, part of a 7-book series about a magical mortar and pestle that brings true love to its holders. Castles…mythical creatures…to everyday adventurers, it has something for everyone. In Seeker, restless archer Aileana yearns for a target to prove her worth, but when a magical mortar and pestle spins its charm upon her and a rival clan’s son, winning the yearly tournament might mean the difference between war and peace, between love and curses.

Nock, draw, release. Her bow is always ready, and if her arrow hits its mark, she will secure her destined soulmate.

Aileana Montgomerie’s bloodline holds valuable gifts of foresight and healing, but with each honor comes a curse. Even though she is descended from the mystical isles’ folk, she lacks the ability of the Scottish Ancients and wonders if she belongs in a magical family. Aileana just wants a purpose. What good is her bow and arrow if she is denied the right to fight for her clan?

Brodie MacDougall is ordained to be the next war chieftain of his clan. The title is a privilege as long as his brother, the future laird, doesn’t expect him to lift a sword and charge into battle. Chronic pain and nervous vapors force him to spend his days alone. Can his strategic skills keep him one step ahead of his conspiring brother?

Through a magical Mortar & Pestle, Brodie finds his heart’s desire. But there’s a catch. The seat on his brother’s council is no longer dependent upon his health…but on Aileana’s strength. With rumblings of unrest among their clans, will their love foster an alliance or be a step toward war?

The mixture of herb fragrances mingled in her nose. Nutty, sharp, awakening.

She inhaled. Brodie inhaled.

As he released his hand from the pestle, a dark violet waft of smoke rose from the mortar.

An image appeared in her head, though her eyes were wide open:

A vast and lush meadow. Her bow in her hand. She stared at a target, runes carved into its center. The butt was made from a large mound of dirt, the kind used in the yearly tournament.

What in all the stars was happening?

And Brodie stood beside her in the image. Vision? Nonsense! Had she knocked her head? Fallen asleep? She held no gift of prophecy. What was this?

The ground rumbled. She heard Brodie’s heart racing as he whispered words of love in her ear.

Her neck tingled with gooseflesh, the way the wheat fields rippled on a windy day. He pressed a kiss to her cheek, and her belly warmed.

In your presence, the answer is shown, a voice said. Stay close to him, for your heart’s desire is known. What you seek, you will reap. Follow the golden prize. Let it be your sun.

She blinked as the image faded, her face aflame and the residual heat of his lips upon her skin still palpable. “Did you see that?”

“See what?”

He was staring at her, his body so close. She broke their shared gaze. “The mortar.”

He blew out a full, healthy breath as the lavender mist dissipated.

“Smoke?” she coaxed. Oh, please, Brodie. Say you see it, too!

He stared at the mortar. The purple smoke was now a pale haze fading to gray. The flecks in the black granite shimmered as bright as the stars.

“Aye, I do. A flame, but the color of a thistle. Though now it is gray.”

She gulped, feeling relieved but confused. Her mother’s treatments were as natural as the earth. She didn’t cast spells or evoke flares from simple herbs!

“Has this ever happened before?” he asked.

She wet her lips, searching his face. Her chest tingled.


Get your copy here: SEEKER

Checkout the entire series, here: MORTAR AND PESTLE

Check out the book trailer:

Jean’s background is in science, and she draws from her interests in history, nature, and her family for inspiration. She writes historical and contemporary romances and women’s fiction. She also writes articles for family-oriented travel magazines. When she’s not writing, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.

Connect with Jean here:

Jean M. Grant


Website ~ Twitter  ~ FacebookGoodreads ~ Bookbub ~ Amazon Author Page ~ Instagram


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My 2023 Word of #Inspiration…


I will be unstoppable in the pursuit of my writing career for 2023.

More in-person events

More books written and released

A new publishing contract

A new publisher

More reader engagement

Increase social presence

I am, unstoppable.

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Photo of the day, day 270

Statue of books outside the Concord Free Library where I had a book event this past Saturday. It it so beautiful in person.

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Photo of the day, day 263

Gearing up for 2023. As you can see…I’ll be busy.

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Photo of the day, day 216

And here’s the rest of the tease….hee hee. Have you preordered CHANCE yet? Let me help you with that:


Chance Miller, divorce lawyer extraordinaire, knows the whole happily ever after dream is an urban myth. He deals with miserable and wedded warring couples every day and swears staying single keeps him sane and happy. His friends and family consider him the last single man standing and fear he’ll never find someone and settle down. But Chance relishes his carefree status and unencumbered lifestyle and has no plans to change anything.

If only his relatives would stop trying to set him up with their version of the perfect woman.

Fredrika Poole already experienced her one great love, and the widow can’t read any future romance in her tea leaves. She’s content to bake, run her business, and care for her daughter.

When Chance meets Freddie and discovers her marriage thoughts run on the same road his do, he realizes she’s the answer to his prayer for keeping the relatives at bay. But the pixie barista has a way of making Chance question everything he’s always thought about love, marriage, and wedded bliss.

Will his last man standing status go unchallenged? Or will Freddie be the one woman he wants…but can never have?

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#RWAClasses Writing the Second Acts Romance #seasonedromance

I’m so honored and excited to be teaching another RWA workshop this weekend.

Do you like a good second acts romance to read? Don’t know what that is? It’s a romance with the hero and heroine and supporting characters 35+ in age. Many of you may have heard of the romance genre LATER IN LIFE or Seasoned romance. That’s was a second acts romance is. Romance for people in the second, or even third act, of their lives!

Most of my books these days involve characters 35+ and I’ve had a good deal of success writing about and for this age group.

So, if you’re a writer and want to learn the basics for writing this type of romance, this is the class for you. You can register here ( and you don’t have to be an RWA member!) Writing the seasoned romance

Hope to see ya there ~ Peg


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Photo of the day, day 95

Really getting into the promotion part of the career this year.

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Photo of the day, day 94

I treated myself to a new bag. Cute, no?? And very apropos.


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Romance Writers: I’ve got a class for you!

I am tickled pink to announce that on March 26, I will be teaching an online course through RWA titled KINDLE VELLA FOR BEGINNERS.

Since I’ve had such success with this new Amazon platform I was asked by the President of the RWA to give a workshop to other Romance Writers on the topic. I was humbled to be asked, believe me.

The cost of the class is $25.00 ( the price may be higher for non-RWA members) and here’s what we’ll be covering in the two hours:

•What Kindle Vella is

•How it works

•The kind of content is allowed

•How do you start a story and publish it

•How authors get paid

•How readers use it

If this looks like something of interest to you, here’s the registration. Just Scroll down until you see my listing – it’s the third one. VELLA FOR BEGINNERS

Registration is open now until March 25th and ANY WRITER may attend – whether you are an RWA member or not.

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Photo of the day, day 59

Took Maple up to the dam. She’s confused…where are the birds and why is the water hard??

Poor puppy….

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