#L&SR #WednesdayBloggingChallenge 3.13.10 A DAY IN THE LIFE

Well, a day in MY life, is the actual prompt for today.

Okay peeps, ready to be bored senseless? Hee Hee

I’d love to tell you I rise from a bed with sheets as soft as clouds, a skylight of sunshine raining down on me, waking me with its soft, warm kiss to start my day.

In reality I’m up hours before the sun ever thinks to wink open its eyes or that proverbial cock has a notion and a tickle in his throat to crow. Somewhere between 2:30 and 3am is the time my body says “Hey! Get the hell up and start working.”

So I do.

Hours 3-5:30 are spent in my attic office scheduling all the social media promos I need to for the day, after first getting a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew and a cup of tea to fortify me. And yes, it takes me that long everyday on promotion. I write for several blogs and they need to be promoted. I’m usually involved in one or two giveaways each month so those need to be promoted, and right now I’m having  a sale on my debut book and I need to get the word out there about it, so THAT needs to be promoted. This is the time I answer, or send,  emails, too, plus it’s the time of day I typically write and post my Netgalley book reviews and/or write my blogs.

After all of that is done I get washed and dressed for the day and head to the gym. Since I spend upwards of 8-10 hours per day sitting on my butt – and I’m not as young as I used to be, so all that stuff about ass-spread when you reach a certain age is real, peeps – I need to do something physical and strength train-y to make sure I’m strong and healthy for the next hundred years.

After the gym, back home to the lap top where I write for about 3-4 hours on my current WIP. I’ll answer emails at this time, private messages that come through, and retweet anything my writing sistahs send me to. At 11 am every day I take my lunch break to watch The View. Love those ladies, every one of them!

Since all my friends still work at outside-the-home day jobs, and I work from my home, there aren’t any people I can hang out with during the day who will call and try to distract me from what I need to do: write.

After the View and lunch it’s back to writing for another 4-5 hours depending on what time I need to get dinner started. If it’s a late night for my hubby at work I start dinner about 6 ( most days are late nights for hubby!)

By 7:30 pm my eyes have had it with looking at a screen most of the day so I veg with some mindless Real Housewives television.


Now, in between all that writing during the day, I do a bunch of adulting things. Laundry doesn’t wash, fold, iron, or put itself away, so if Hubby and I don’t want to walk around with smelly clothes, or – GOD FORBID – naked, I need to wash our dirty clothing. Groceries don’t magically appear in the cabinets delivered by quiet elves after midnight, nor do I have a life-in chef who prepares all our meals for us. And the dust bunnies who silently reside in every nook and cranny of my home need regular round ups. Floors get washed, rugs get vacuumed, and things get put away where they belong.

I’m also the primary caregiver/driver for my elderly parents now who live 25 miles away, so once a week I shop for them, cook for them,  and clean their house, in addition to chauffeuring them to doctor appointments and anywhere else they need to go.

Before slipping into bed I typically check my email again, address what needs to be answered, then make a list of all the promo that needs to be done in the morning.

In bed, I’ll call up my latest Netgalley download for read and review on my kindle and read until my eyes start to bleed with fatigue. Lights out and the day starts all over again 2 -3 hours later.

See? Boring.

Let’s see if any of the other authors in the blog challenge have a more exciting life ( because you  know they do!!!) Long and short Reviews Wednesday Blog Challenge

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10 responses to “#L&SR #WednesdayBloggingChallenge 3.13.10 A DAY IN THE LIFE

  1. Great post. Don’t we all have such exciting lives? Grin.

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  2. Echo Ishii

    I feel exhausted just reading about your day:)
    I really admire all that work though. I’m truly amazed.

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  3. lydiaschoch

    Wow, you have a busy schedule!

    What kinds of exercise do you do? Do you go to the gym or work out at home?

    My post.

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  4. Debby Grahl

    LOL! Peggy, I’m exhausted just reading this! And I thought my day was busy! Debby

    Debby Grahl Author of Mystery, Magic, and Romance Available from Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble: His Magic Touch, from Wild Rose Press; Rue Toulouse, The Silver Crescent, Decorated to Death (a Christmas cozy mystery), The Haunted West, a paranormal western romance anthology, Ebb and Flow, an Island Writers’ Network anthology. Website:www.debbygrahl.com Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/debbygrahlauthor?ref=br_rs Amazon Author Page — https://www.amazon.com/Debby-Grahl/e/B00B34HM26 https://twitter.com/DebbyGrahl https://www.bookbub.com/search/authors?search=debby%20grahl


  5. My eyes pop open and my brain is wide awake some time between 3 and 4am. I usually fret and fume about not sleeping, and read my Kindle until my lids droop, at least an hour later. Now I see that I’m wasting valuable promo time, hehe. I’m taking a page from your book for the next few days and giving the “pre-dawn get-all-the-work-done” schedule a try. At least I’ll be productive, right? I’m not sleeping anyway so I may as well be useful as well as ornamental, hehe.

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  6. I’m always amazed that authors can get ANY writing done with the insane amount of promoting they have to do. Sounds like you have it all handled though, that’s more than I can say for myself. 🙂

    My post!

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  7. Marianne

    HOW do you survive on so little sleep???? I’m gobsmacked. I’m utterly useless without at least 6 hours, 7-8 is better. I’m exhausted just thinking about it… You’re a busy, busy lady. Sounds like it’s a good thing you can live without that much sleep to fit in everything you do!

    I’m here: http://www.mariannearkins.com/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-a-day-in-my-life/ Thanks!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Marianne – I have menopause induced insomnia that nothing helps. My first book was written between the hours of 1am and 3 am in 3 months plus I was working full time at the time!!! I hate the insomnia but the one good thing is that I can be productive during it.


  8. Now that’s a hell of a day. I’m lucky in that most of my housework is done by my husband – he’s too fussy to let anyone else do it.


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