#L&SR #WednesdayBlogChallenge 3.27.19


Today’s prompt are your favorite Websites/Podcasts/Blogs.

I’ll admit this straight up: I don’t listen to podcasts. In all reality, I don’t know how. Do you listen on a computer? Your phone? Never mind- don’t tell me. I don’t have the spare time anyway.

I do follow a lot of blogs, though, and read the posts that are put up.

My favs include:

Joanne Guidoccio’s blog ,  On the Road to Reinvention

Katie O’Sullivan’s Blog:  Read, Write, Repeat

The Romance Gems Blog ( which I write for once a month) : Talking, Laughing, Writing, Reading

Websites in which I can get lost in include:

One Stop for Writers : Onestopforwriters.com ~these are the fabulous folks behind The Emotional Thesaurus, et al, books.

All the Kissing. Allthekissing.com

Love Romance reads : LoveRomaceReads.com

Long and Short Reviews : L&SR.com

And NNLights Bookheaven : A husband and wife book blogging, book writing, book promotions team that does it all!

As a writer my surfing time is limited, so I seek refuge in the sites and people I love and know best!

Since this  is a blog challenge, let’s see what the other authors blogging today have to say. Long and Short Reviews WednesdayBloggingChallenge.



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12 responses to “#L&SR #WednesdayBlogChallenge 3.27.19

  1. Marianne

    Oooh…. you have a bunch I want to check out. This week’s topic is going to add a lot of surfing the net to my day. Uh oh…

    I’m here: http://www.mariannearkins.com/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-favorite-websites-blogs-podcasts/

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  2. Some great choices there! I’m with you.. I don’t do podcasts. It’s a new and strange animal to me…lol. My post is here.

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  3. Ha! I should’ve included Long and Short Reviews. I’m there everyday! Hehehe. Good post. I’d forgotten about some of those reference sites. Love it!

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  4. lydiaschoch

    Ooh, One Stop for Writers is a wonderful resource. I hadn’t heard of it before, so thank you for sharing it!

    My post.

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  5. Echo Ishii

    I have to bookmark One Stop for Writers.

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  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Peggy 🙂

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  7. Always here to support LASR. 🙂 But One Stop for Writers looks like an amazing site!

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  8. Kathy

    I rarely listen to podcasts either and hate to admit sometimes I don’t have the patience. But you have some really interesting sites listed for me to check out. Nice blog Peggy

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  9. Michele

    Thank you for the great links! Oh my goodness – I can finally replace all the writing info sites that I lost because they went Poof. I’m so excited! Thank you for sharing!
    I know what I’m doing when I get home from work. 🙂

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  10. Definitely a few here I’ll have to check out. I don’t read enough blogs.


  11. mrsnnnlight

    Peggy, thank you for including us in your favs. You’re so sweet! We love your blog too.


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