A question of Humanity

I promise that this isn’t going to be an enraged rant. (Just wanted to get that out of the way.)


Many of you who follow me on facebook know this past Saturday I was at my local gym (Initials of which are PF – you figure it out!) and I had an accident. The gym was packed because it was a Saturday morning and folks who don’t get a chance to come during the weekdays were all there. I was walking on the treadmill at a slow pace of 3.0 mph when my foot slipped and I fell backward. Now, like every single other patron of this gym I didn’t have that automatic STOP  link attached to me – the one you clip on your shirt so that if something happens the machine automatically stops. Because of that, when I fell, the machine….didn’t stop. I fell to my knees and reached out for the handrails to try and support myself and pull myself up, but because the machine didn’t stop my body kept on moving backwards and I couldn’t support my weight, so my arms fell from the handrails, wrenching my left arm seriously, and the machine basically spit me out of its back and landed me flat on my stomach.

Yeah, I know… A Peggy-Lucy moment if ever there was one.


There I was on my big belly, flat out in view of the entire gym including the staff at the front desk and there were three people all lined up next to me on their own treadmills. Do you think anyone stopped what they were doing to help me? To ask if I was okay? Heck, to even laugh in embarrassment for me?

Nope. Not one person – nada, niente, zilch- lifted a hand to assist me. They all saw me fall because I made eye contact with them while I was on the ground. But not one person stopped what they were doing to give me aid.

Who does that? Or in this case, doesn’t? Who doesn’t see someone sprawled on the ground, obviously just suffering a fall or accident and doesn’t even ask, much less off to help, if you’re okay?

When did we turn into a society who doesn’t give a flying fart about one another? Seriously, when did this happen?

My husband was on the other side of the gym, hidden from view, so he didn’t even know about the fall until I told him, so he gets a pass because if he’d seen it he would have been Jonny on the spot to help.

Now before you ask, there was a mix of age groups in the gym that day. Some younger than me, some my age, some older. I would have at least expected the older folks, who were raised with manners, to offer some help, but even they didn’t.

I was raised to hold doors open for the people behind me; I was raised to say please and thank you and excuse me when speaking to others; I was raised to offer my seat on subways and busses to pregnant women, elderly people, and anyone with a disability.

I was raised right.

Apparently, people aren’t raised right anymore. What is this world going to turn into in the future if we can’t even ask if someone who’s injured is okay? If we don’t even have it in us to offer sympathy or aid? Just what the heck kind of society are we turning into???

I guess I should be happy no one did the most common thing of all these days and film my fall and the aftermath with their attached-to-their-bodies-at-all-times phone/cameras and then post it to Youtube and every other social media outlet.

So thankful for small favors ( sarcasm inserted.)

Today I have a doctor’s appointment to see if I tore my bicep muscle in my left arm. The past two days have been agony and I can’t lift or move my arm without wanting to pass out from the pain.

I wonder if anyone in the doctor’s office will hold a door open for me?





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16 responses to “A question of Humanity

  1. Iris Tseng

    Peggy, I hope you get better soon!

    I feel for you – years ago, a couple of boys (they were 13 years old max) were trying to rob me. They threw small stones at me, yelling at me to give them my backpack. And the people were passing me by and doing NOTHING.

    I ran faster than them and escaped. At least nothing happened to me.

    Best wishes from Brazil!

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  2. The Happy Book Blog.

    I’m really sorry you hurt yourself😧I hope your okay🙂I live by the motto “treat others how you want to be treated.” 💐💕

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  3. lydiaschoch

    Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. It’s a real shame that no one stopped to help you.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      I wonder what would have happened if someone had had a heart attack. WOuld any one have even rushed to give aid? That thought scares me more than anything else.


  4. Peggy, I’m so sorry to hear about your fall. And shocked by the behavior of the bystanders. Take care and stay strong!

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  5. mrsnnnlight

    It makes me cringe to think this is how our society is now. Where is the sympathy? Compassion? I shake my head.

    I’m so sorry to hear of your injury and I hope you didn’t tear your bicep. A month ago I pulled my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. The pain is excruciating so I can relate. Sending soft hugs.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      OMG rotator cuff injuries are the worst!!!! those are the one that require surgery, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for when i see the doc this morning!

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  6. I am sad for this society, too, and I’m a 41-year old. So not young, not older generation. But I taught myself (my parents didn’t really do much in that regards) to respect others and help. Always be kind. Don’t just stand there! I would have helped you Peggy, or at least come and asked if you were okay. A gal dropped her stack of papers at coffee shop the other day; I helped; she was flustered and embarrassed but I wasn’t going to stand in line and ignore. We were driving out of Baxter State Park last year and saw a gal with a flat. No reception for cell phones. Husband, having never EVER changed a tire, stopped in the rain to help her. Then a park ranger came along. When people open doors for me (sometimes, and usually older generation) I always say thank you. I say thank you to baggers at the grocery store, and waitresses (I’ve been both). Manners, kindness, respect. I’m far from perfect and mess up, but I try to always be kind. People are not invisible; people have feelings. Be kind. And gosh, folks, stop photographing and filming stuff!

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  7. I agree with everything you’ve said… but I wonder if this is a gym mentality? Like, we don’t want to embarrass her even more by acknowledging that she fell? Kind of like the look a cat gives when it falls? This is the ONLY thing that makes sense to me because the alternative is too depressing.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      You are definitely a kind hearted soul to even this of this!!! if I could wish this were so, believe me, I would. I don’t think it’s true, tho. People are so wrapped up in themselves these days…


  8. So sorry this happened to you, Peggy. I can’t believe no one helped or even asked if you were ok. It’s sickening. I worked in NYC a long time ago where this happens a lot, but in your small NH town where people know you is despicable.I think people spending so much time on phones and social media reduces their humanity- they become desensitized to pain and tragedy. And yes, people are so into themselves, their schedules, etc. But for the staff not to help– is inexcusable. Why don’t you write a letter to the local paper? Write a letter or make a call to the gym owners — staff there needs a wake up call. I hope you get good news on the MRI. (I saw your FB post first and didn’t know it was your bicep- huge ouch). Thoughts and prayers for you to heal and get out of pain, and keep up your amazing writing.

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  9. Hello, Peggy. What an astonishingly awful lack of compassion! I hope your injured arm heals quickly.

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