So…I did a thing.

No, Hell hasn’t frozen over yet, although with all the climate change problems, that may become a reality sooner than expected.


I’m joining the Indie ranks of publishing!

You may be wondering why I finally joined the bandwagon of Indie authors after resisting for so long. It’s a valid question, especially since I vowed I’d never go that route because the learning curve is more than my mind can fathom! Indie authors are amazing to me because there is so much they need to know and do to get a book into print. Plus, the money it requires to do so.


When Limitless Publishing accepted DIRTY DAMSELS (DotComGirls book 1) for publication, I already had book two, Helpful Hunks, written. When I submitted it, the publisher decided not to contract any more books in the series for monetary reasons. I get that. Publishing is a business and publishers are grappling day to day to compete with the growing hoard of self-published books. Investing money when they don’t think they are going to see a return is just poor business sense.


I already had the second book written and the third plotted. When Limitless informed me I could either publish the book on my own or take it to another publisher, I didn’t want to wait another year or so and countless emails, revisions, etc. going the traditional route would have needed.  I wanted to get the book out a.s.a.p. The answer, really, was the only one that made sense to me: self-pub it.

So, a title change from Helpful Hunks to IT’S A TRUST THING, countless hours learning how to get it published, and lots of sweat, money, and sleepless nights, and here we are. The book will be released on 11.1.19 and the preorder link is live. The book will only be available in Kindle and KU, only. I simply didn’t have the brain power left to figure out the rest of the online venues (Heehee).

Any mistakes in the manuscript, be they spelling or tense, or anything else you can find, are strictly on me. This was an experiment from beginning to end just to see if I could do it.

Thanks for reading, thanks for reviewing, and the only thing I ask is that you be kind. Remember, to authors, their words are like their children. When you bash them, it truly is like bashing their kids.

Until next time ~ Peg

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6 responses to “So…I did a thing.

  1. mrsnnnlight

    WHOO HOO! Welcome to the world of indie publishing. You’re an official hybrid author and I’m so proud of you. LOVE the cover!! Good luck with the release. 🤩🤗💞

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Thank ya, darlin1! Ihave to admit – I’m pretty terrified but I simply had nothing to lose by self pubbing!!!! thanks for the support and love. Off to PT now. Damn, this shoulder!

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  2. Right on, Peggy! I went hybrid for many of the same reasons—mostly, at my age I don’t have time to wait one year to publish each book. Plus you make a bit more money going Indie. And frankly, I have found the social media learning curve far more steep and torturous than learning the Indie process. (& you’ve got social media COV-ered!) I did use a self publisher, but did most of the work myself this last time to save $ (ie-formatting for print and ebook, cover, metadata, etc etc.) My next book I may go it alone. Scary. God bless ya for taking it on! You’re so tech savvy, tho, you’ll have it down in no time! Good luck with it, and we fellow Indie authors will promote it when you’re ready!

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  3. You know I’ll be picking your brain on this when my turn comes! Good luck, sweetie!

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