Rookie mistakes and editing blunders from a first time self pubbed author!

Yeah… this is a mea culpa post for sure.

By now you’ve heard ad nauseam about my first foray in self publishing. I won’t rehash all the reasons I took the plunge here because I’ve said it so many times even I’m sick of hearing about it.

But….there a few obstacles I need to confess. Mistakes, really, and for those of you who have purchased the ebook or print, I am truly sorry for the mistakes that got through.

First, I mistakenly named Ella, Nell on the page where Nell describes the desire she sees on Charlie’s face. The line should read,

“Too many times I’ve seen one of my hunky employees glance at one of Ella’s girls with blatant sexual hunger filling their faces.” Not Nell’s girls, which is what slipped through in the initial edition.

Then, at the end I describe a man as looking as if he’d survived the stock market crash of 1927. Folks, if history is correct, that happened in 1929.

Both of these mistakes may seem paltry to some. But not to me. Not catching those in the editing phase was just poor form and makes me look like more of an idiot than I feel most of the time!

Self deprecation aside, this is the reason I balked for so long at self publishing. Mistakes like this should never go through and can mean the difference in a good review and a poor one from a reader. So…my humble apologies. The mistakes have been fixed for now and I am determined that stupid stuff like this won’t happen again.

One of my girlfriends suggested to even say anything about the mistakes, just correct them and move on. But…I pride myself on my honesty and I know how I would feel about an author if she/he didn’t own up to mistakes. There’s even a disclaimer in the back letter that says all the mistakes are ultimately my fault and the buck stops with me.

Truth. So, I hope you will forgive a rookie and not let it color you to reading my work, now and in the future.


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