#longandShortreviews #bloggingchallenge 4.22.2020

Wednesday has rolled around again and it’s time for the weekly blogging challenge from Long and Short Reviews. Today’s topic is My silliest pet peeves.

I’m a writer so is it any wonder ALL my pet peeves involve words and mis-pronunciations?

I think not.


It’s pronounced supposEDLY not supposUBLY.

It’s pronounced MOOT ( like in moot point), not MUTE ( like in shut up!!)

It’s pronounced MIS-chuh-vus ( mischievous) not Miss-CHEE-vee-us. ( this pronunciation drives me to drink!)

It’s pronounced TENTERHOOKS not Tenderhooks. It’s so far removed from tender, folks, as can be.

And for the love of Mike, it’s REGARDLESS not Ir-regardless ( which, in my opinion,  isn’t even a word!!)

Okay, rant over. Let’s see what some of the other bloggers in this weekly hop have to say: L&ST

Hey, did you hear? I’ve got a new book releasing on 5.20.2020! VANILLA WITH A TWIST is part of the One Scoop or Two new summer series from Wild Rose Press. And if you PREORDER before the 5.20.2020 release date, it’s only 99cents!!! the price rises on release day and thereafter, so lock in the sale price today!

And check out the great book trailer a dear friend produced for me:

Until next time, peeps ~ Peg

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18 responses to “#longandShortreviews #bloggingchallenge 4.22.2020

  1. lydiaschoch

    Do you remember being taught this stuff in school? I believe I was, but I do wonder if it should be emphasized more. 🙂

    My post.

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  2. Some of those words are what I call DH-ese. He can’t say flustered or frustrated, so the word is flustrated. Drives me batty. And I’m with you on IRREGARDLESS. It isn’t a word. Ugh.

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  3. Oh my! Glad you got that off your chest. LOL Thanks for sharing! Here’s mine. https://www.tenastetler.com/lsrs-wednesdays-blog-challenge-4-22-20-silliest-pet-peeves/

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  4. Patrick Prescott

    Okay, is it Of-ten or of-en? I confess I say Mis-chee-vius. http://pmprescott.blogspot.com/2020/04/wednesday-challenge-042220.html

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  5. I agree with you on the mispronounced words. Now if they would only do too,to, and two right.

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  6. Congrats on the upcoming release!

    Moot always makes me think of Joey on Friends (and let’s hope the gif works):


    My post


  7. Great list! Wendi Zwaduk said somewhere she also hates the irregardless thing. By the way, love your new pretty banner up there. And, thank you for sharing my link today. 🙂


  8. Yeah, all of those are irritating. I tutor kids whose parents are from other countries, and they often are unaware that they are mispronouncing things, because that’s how their parents say it. I gently explain to them the correct way. Some of them get a gleam in their eye–can’t wait to get home and correct their parents! Good post.


  9. Yes, these all annoy me! I think my mother-in-law used all of them!!

    Congrats on your new release! Nice trailer!


  10. LOL!! I love a good rant about mangled language so your post was a beauty. The tenderhooks abomination drives me nuts too.


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