My word for 2021…

If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that time is precious and fleeting. I’ve stared down at my own mortality and realized I waste more time than I should for the goals I want to accomplish.

So, the word I’m keeping at the forefront of my brain this year is DEDICATION.

The dictionary definition of dedication is: the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. Easy, peasy. Commit yourself, your time, your efforts to something you want to accomplish. Since my life is divided into compartments, I need to dedicate myself all around.

First, to my family. The plague has prevented me from seeing those family members and friends I love best, so until we are all able to get together and hug one another without worry again, I am dedicating myself to reaching out more and being more involved in their lives. I’ve let that slip this year and have let too much time go on between encounters, be they over the phone, in letters, or Zoom. 2021 will see me initiate more facetime with the people who mean the most to me.

Second, to my health. I’ve been able to keep Covid free this year because I listened to the scientists and the doctors. My hands are chapped from so much washing and sometimes I think hand sanitizer has become my new perfume since I permeate it when I get a whiff of  myself. While the isolation/quarantining has kept me plague-free, it has done a number on my weight and overall health. I sleep even worse than I did before ( which wasn’t much, as many of you know) and comfort foods became a big distraction in 2020, leading to a weight gain that is not conducive with the health of my joints or my psyche. in 2021 I am dedicating myself to exercising daily and cutting out the crap foods. I can be just as comforted eating a carton of yogurt than I can a package of Chips Ahoy cookies. Well, maybe not so much, but I am determined to make the better choices in the eating department.

Third, my writing career. I feel like this area needs the most dedication. Before the crisis, I was pounding out 2-3000 words per day. I didn’t need to be quarantined to sit at my desk and write because I was already a hermit. One would think that during an enforced home isolation I’d bang out even more words because I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. Didn’t happen. Somewhere along the way I got lazy and started doing other things like baking, binge-watching Netflix, Hulu, and Disney, and trolling social media for hours. As a result I didn’t make much money this year from sales because I didn’t put out much product. in 2021 that is going to change. I already have 6 books that need writing ( 2 are novellas so that helps), I wnt to start a new romance series, and I am rededicating myself to putting the book writing first. Blogging can come second and social media third. I’ve built a good following on all my social platforms so I think I can let them grow a bit organically this year.

SO, that’s my life pan for 2021 and the word I hope helps me achieve everything I want to achieve.

Enjoy this first day of the new year and lets all pray the craziness of 2020  is behind us for good and forever.

Until next time, peeps ~ Peg

Dedication word cloud



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9 responses to “My word for 2021…

  1. Nice word for the new year. Mine would be self-discovery, if that qualifies as one word, lol. Wishing you all the best!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Stuart – that’s a great word, too! Good luck in 2021 with all your goals. Be DEDICATED to them ( see what i did there, hee hee!)


  2. mrsnnnlight

    Good for you, Peg! I love your 2021 word. Can I give you a little hint for cutting out crap foods? Drink tons of water. I drink 64 ounces of water every day. I get up from the computer every 90 minutes and stroll around the house. These two things do wonders for your health. By doing these two things, I’ve lost over 125 pounds over the past 10 years and I’ve kept them off. Let’s kick 2021 and show the world what success truly is!!!!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Great advice, darling lady. I already drink upwards of 90 ounces a day, so for this month, I’m upping it to 120. My body is so used to the intake now that I’m like a camel, storing water for a long journey ! hee he. adding more will jump start that elimination response again. Food for thought ( or in this case, liquid!) hee hee


  3. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    Oh, I hear you. This past year (I love that!) has been tough on everyone and your word is perfect for 2021. Love Mrs. N’s advice, too. I pace as I think, so that helps me move. I drink hot tea when I’m hungry at an inopportune time because that fills me up. And I walk the dog a couple of miles most days. Cheering you on from over here!

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  4. Great thoughts & goals, Peggy that resonate with my feelings and experiences! I didn’t even get a book out in 2020– so disappointing, but all we can do is do better in 2021. At least we won’t have the debilitating distraction of a horrific leader-I’d get so angry I couldn’t function for hours! Better days are ahead in all ways. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts — and you go girl in 2021 – you’re am amazingly prolific, wonderful writer! Happy new year, new you!!!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Christine – thanks for your kind words, friendship and support. Here’s hoping the next 12 months eradicate the previous ones from our memory banks

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