This year I’m starting something new because I think it’s time to start counting my blessings and being more positive. 2020 kicked my ass into the negativity ring in many ways and I want to reconfigure my mind set.


Every Tuesday I’m going to be be putting something in my GOOD THING JAR and announcing it here on the blog. At the end of 2021 – no matter what happens this year – I’ll empty the jar and reflect on all the positive things that happened during the year instead of dwelling on the negative.

Here’s my jar:

Today, I’m putting in this: I finished book 2 in A PRIDE OF BROTHERS!

The reason this is such a good thing is because I have been struggling to finish this story for a while. I kept getting pulled away from it and finally – finally – I devoted all of December to just writing it and no other writing projects.

Would you like to share one good thing that happened to you this week? I’m here to cheer you on!!!!



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17 responses to “#GoodthingTuesday

  1. Nancy Brashear

    Good thing today! My TWRP debut novel, Gunnysack Hell (a psychological thriller), was posted for pre-sale (at least the eBook was!) on Amazon today! The release date is Feb. 10! It’s real! It’s happening!!

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  2. A great idea! I still have a blessings jar from a bad year a few years back. I’ve never had to open it to remind myself, but it’s nice that it’s there.

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  3. Sandra Dailey

    I love this. Everyone is being positive. I started a new book and informed my family of my writing schedule and no interruptions would be allowed. This blog time is on my schedule.

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  4. I’d love to do this with my kiddos. I started my first gratitude journal this year, too. One line/phrase per day. It has a lot of pages so it will last a few years. 🙂

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  5. I love this idea. We tried it in 2018 but then moved and lost the jar. What can I say? I hate moving.

    I need to make a new jar.

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  6. lydiaschoch

    What a great idea.

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  7. What a great idea! You inspire me. 2020 was so easy to focus on all the negative, horrible things going on in the world. Doing this will force me to think of the good that always seems to take a back seat to the bad. I feel better already!! Thanks, Peggy. Will retweet a couple times…..

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  8. I’m excited to have started a new book today. I am happiest when working on a book. My daughter helped me plot it. Then, I found out I’d won an award for which I had no idea there was a contest. Number one in the 27 best proxy bride books. Who knew? Great day!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Caroline I am sharing in our good news!!!!! I love hearing stuff like this and to win an award you didn’t even know about is the cherry on top of the ice cream!!!!!

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  9. Kara O'Neal

    This is a great idea!

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  10. mrsnnnlight

    What a fabulous idea, Peg! I love it! Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your book!!!!!!!!

    It’s a brand new year and we’ve already had an explosion of new clients and new donors to our monthly giveaway program. WHEE!

    On a personal note, even though I ate a lot of treats over the holidays, I still managed to lose 5 pounds. 🙂

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