#goodthingsTuesday 1.19.2021

Another week – another chance to talk about something POSITIVE!!!!

So, this week I wrote every single day in my new WIP and hit a goal of 1000 minimum per day!!! YAY to me.

Tell me, what’s something good that happened to you this week?



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9 responses to “#goodthingsTuesday 1.19.2021

  1. D.V. Stone

    Came through Covid and feeling better.

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  2. Sandra Dailey

    Hubby was home all week on vacation. I didn’t get any writing done, but the house is clean.

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  3. rollingwithrawhide

    I’m a grandmother! Our daughter and son-in-law welcomed a baby girl!

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    YAYAYAY!!! that is amazing news, not only good news!!!


  5. mrsnnnlight

    Mr. N celebrated another birthday and we’re both so thankful for that. Whoo!

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  6. Peggy Jaeger

    The happiest of belated days to Mr. N. A birthday is certainly a good thing


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