#goodthingsTuesday 1.26.2021

So this week I actually had to CHOOSE which good thing I’d post – and isn’t that wonderful!!! I had more than 1!!!

This past week I finished the PREQUEL to the next CHRISTMAS COMES TO DICKENS book I will be releasing in November. The prequel is called SANTA BABY and it’s a DICKEN’S HOLIDAY ROMANCE: DORRIT’S DINER story that leads into FIXING CHRISTMAS.

So excited to share these stories with you. SANTA BABY will release in June or July. I’ll keep you posted!!!

Now, I told you mine….tell me yours in the comments below!!

Until next time, peeps ~ Peg

Looking for me? Here I am



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14 responses to “#goodthingsTuesday 1.26.2021

  1. D.V. Stone

    My deck was finished. Now I just need a bit of sun and above 40 degrees

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  2. mrsnnnlight

    Mega congrats, Peg! As for me, I know this sounds kind of vain, but I wore a pair of skinny jeans last week for the first time in five years. I normally don’t wear these jeans as they are tight on me but guess what? They’re loose on me! I was so excited, I did the Snoopy dance in my bedroom. hee hee!

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  3. Sandra Dailey

    Good luck with the new book, Peggy. My highlight of the week was a visit from my sister and mother. We went out for lunch, and then played games all afternoon. It was a nice break and a great visit.

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  4. My good news is my daughter had successful surgery (last Tuesday) and the first couple of days home were rough, but she is recovering and feeling much better. Meanwhile, I get to help take care of her and my baby grandson. We don’t live close, so my trip here is somewhat of a treat!

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  5. A friend sent me what she said is my Christmas present: a personalized purse she made from Harris tweed she ordered from Scotland, a fun mug, and a planner. She is a project manager at Boeing but loves crafts and has an Etsy store, has published one book and is working on another.

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  6. janarichards

    My daughter got her first shot of the vaccine and is booked to get the second on Feb.3. She’s an NP working in urgent care in a hospital so having her vaccinated is a big relief.


  7. Got my hair colored and cut and made a stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home. I found it all relaxing.

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