#goodthingsTuesday 3.30.2021

Today, for the first time in over a year, I took a full breath. Why, you ask? Because my parents rec’d their second Covid shots yesterday. While we still have to use common sense and precautions – hand washing, masks, low number congregations, what this means is that I can take them shopping for groceries once again. I’ve been doing it for them the past year because I didn’t want them around potential carriers of Covid 19. Now that they are immunized, I can allow them out of the house to shop and take walks again.

They are truly thankful.

And, praise Jesus, so I am!

So, what good things happened to you this past week? Inquiring minds ( mine!) want to know.



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8 responses to “#goodthingsTuesday 3.30.2021

  1. My birthday is this week. I suppose, at 72, I should be happy I’ve lived this long. Glad to see your parents had their shots.

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  2. I identify with the deep breath!! I finally got my second shot Friday!

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  3. MJ Schiller

    My good news is I’ve joined a wonderful group of ladies at the Romance Gems blog and I’ve finished my personal edits for my next book. Seemed to take forever! 🙂

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