#mugshotMonday 3.29.2021

Today’s theme is “define what you drink.”

Everyone who’s ever met me knows I drink tea. I can’t stand the taste of coffee and, in fact, when I was pregnant I wouldn’t allow it to be made in my house – which caused my husband a daily caffeine headache until he got to work.

I bought this mug at a Hallmark store eons ago. So, show me your daily drink-themed mug – if you have one!

Loonking for me? Here I am

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2 responses to “#mugshotMonday 3.29.2021

  1. ‪It’s funny that you mention this because I recently broke one of my favorites and was upset about it until remembering that I received two as a gift. However, after hunting around I couldn’t come up with the match to it. I mourned the lost in a text with my kids and one of them admitted ‬To having stolen the match! I retrieved it over the weekend so life is good again! Things just taste better out of your favorite mug. I like to fill it with hot chocolate and Irish cream. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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