25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, day 17

As an only child, I knew from the get-go I’d never have nieces and nephews related to me by blood. So when I married a man with 5 siblings, I was thrilled I’d get them via marriage.

I have 8 nephews and nieces and adore each and every one of them. They’re divided into common age groups and run the age range from 30 down to 16.

The two youngest gave me a Christmas ornament/gift several years ago when they were very young that I absolutely adore.

They don’t even care that I’m not an aunt-by-blood! I love that.

And I love them.

More tomorrow, peeps.




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5 responses to “25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, day 17

  1. Another great post! Like you, my husband was an only child, so he got his nieces and nephews through me. 🙂

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  2. What a sweet, thoughtful ornament. Just makes you want to hug those kiddies, no matter how tall they are now 🙂


  3. Holly Schwartz AKA Susie Black

    Another delightfully charming post and a lovely insight into your family. Thank you for sharing this part of your life.


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