25 Days of Christmas Ornaments Day 18

I’m gonna switch to the other tree that I have up and decorated in my house for the next few days of ornament sharing.

I told you a while back I have one tree decorated with ornaments from all the places we as a family have traveled, and places my daughter has traveled on her own. For today, it’s a shared vaca.

Several years ago the entire Jaeger family went on a cruise. It was my very first one and I’ll tell you this _ I get wicked seasick so you can imagine how wonderful the trip went for me ( note the sarcasm here, peeps.)

But…having said that, being all together and spending so much time together was a real treat. To commemorate the event, I bought this in the Bahamas:

It kinda looks like the cruise ship we too, took. Hee hee

But then, don’t all cruise ships look pretty much the same??
Until tomorrow, peeps.




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4 responses to “25 Days of Christmas Ornaments Day 18

  1. bbettis1hotmailcom

    My sisters-in-law love cruises but I keep declining to join them. Don’t know about sea-sickness, but I can’t swim so what would I do if i fell overboard??? Cute ornament, though!

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  2. Holly Schwartz AKA Susie Black

    I am a sailor. Owned a sailboat and lived on a houseboat part time for 10 years…the trick to avoiding seasickness, (other than never stepping on a boat again!) is to always look at the horizon. No matter the motion of the ocean, the horizon never moves. If you keep your eyes on the horizon, it tricks the body to think there is no motion. Loved the ornament. Thanks for sharing another tidbit of your interesting life.

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  3. Peggy Jaeger

    Holly I’ve tried that for years. Never worked. The only thing that did was sea bands on my wrists. And even then it was hit or miss.


  4. Sorry about the cruse. Sea sickness can really screw up a vacation.


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