Photo of the day, day 25


This oil painting hangs in my daughter’s apartment. It was painted by my mother-in-law ( her grandma Peggy) eons ago but it really shows all the talent my MIL possessed.

She was an amazing human being. Raised 6 kids, then when they were all done with their college educations, went back herself and earned a BA in Fine Arts.

I wish everyone was blessed to have a woman in their lives like her.



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6 responses to “Photo of the day, day 25

  1. MJ Schiller

    Wow! That is pretty amazing! My mom also went back to school to get her degree (she’d married at eighteen, I think) when she was in her fifties. She retired not long after, so some would have said what was the point, but it was important to her, and that’s all that really matters. No way could I have gone back to school at that age. Half the time I’m not sure if I brushed my teeth or not minutes after I did. Thanks for sharing! It is a pretty picture. Is it a self-portrait?


  2. She was a very talented artist!


  3. Love the picture Lady With A Book. Shows a lot of talent. Wish I could paint like that. Kudos to the artist.


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