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Photo of the day, day 30

In 2019, before the world changed forever, we all took a family trip to London for 10 days. While walking back from dinner one night along Tower Bridge, I spotted a little man painting watercolors of the scenery and selling his art. I purchased this and another to depict our time in the great city for 5 pounds each. Well worth the money!

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Photo of the day, day 25


This oil painting hangs in my daughter’s apartment. It was painted by my mother-in-law ( her grandma Peggy) eons ago but it really shows all the talent my MIL possessed.

She was an amazing human being. Raised 6 kids, then when they were all done with their college educations, went back herself and earned a BA in Fine Arts.

I wish everyone was blessed to have a woman in their lives like her.


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Photo of the day, day 16

People come into your lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The artist who painted me today’s photo is life-time keeper.

The first day of kindergarten, my daughter made a forever friend. Luckily the young lady’s mother became one of mine, as well. I watched this 5-year-old grow into an inquisitive, lovely, and funny child, teenager, and then woman. Along the way, she found her passion in photography and art. As an aside, my professional headshot picture was taken by her. Several years ago when I embarked on this writing journey she painted me today’s photo. It’s a little play on words because you can interpret it two ways: as write, being I must write now, and as a just do it – right now! I love that.

If you’re looking for an amazing photographer for a family shoot or a wedding, you can contact her here: STEPHANIE RITA PHOTO

If you’re looking for some amazing art to line home, you can view her stuff here: Stephanie Rita Creative

She truly is a lifetime keeper!


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