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#Author MARILYN BARON and The Case of the Forgotten Fragonard #newrelease #romanticsuspense

My Wild Rose Press sistah, MARILYN BARON, has a new book out TODAY titled THE CASE OF THE FORGOTTEN FRAGONARD. Want to know all about it? Read on…

Marilyn, take it away…

Hadley Evans Ferrari, art detective in Florence, Italy, is on the scent of a forgotten Fragonard painting at a villa in Rome when she stumbles across a treasure trove of stolen Nazi artwork—from Hermann Göring’s personal World War II stash.

When she and the palazzo’s interior decorator are held hostage by the head of a secret Nazi organization and required, in a race against time, to appraise all the artwork in the house for private sale, she fears they will never escape with their lives.

Can her sexy carabinieri husband Luca Ferrari and the police department’s Art Squad get there in time to come storming in and “save the day” before the villa’s evil Count “ties up loose ends”?

“How do you know me?”

“Who in Italy doesn’t know the famous and beautiful Signora Ferrari of Massimo Domingo Art

Detective Agency?”

“I wasn’t aware anyone knew my name. My boss is the premier art expert.”

“Signora, you’re too modest. Your reputation precedes you, as does the highly questionable and fading reputation of your boss. And your particular expertise will be put to very good use here, I assure you. It’s a special job that requires your particular skills.”

“What exactly are we doing here?” Hadley demanded, acting more courageous than she felt.

“Okay, let’s dispense with the niceties, if we must. I have inherited a number of paintings, and I’m in need of your talent in authenticating and tracking the provenance of what I believe are masterworks.”

“You mean stolen Nazi art.”

The man straightened. “Certainly not. I have the records that maintain these paintings were legally sold to the buyers and that I now own Palazzo Allegretti and all of its contents.”

“But I understood that Herr Muller had purchased the palazzo.”

“Herr Muller works for us. He’s what you could call an anonymous third party. We’ve been waiting a long time to release these paintings onto the open market. I simply need your assistance in verifying their authenticity, perhaps giving us an idea of their current value, which has undoubtedly risen since they were…”

“Confiscated?” Hadley posed. “Is that the word you were looking for?”

Get your copy here: Amazon

Read the very first Hadley Evan Ferrari book, THE CASE OF THE MISSING BOTTICELLI

Marilyn Baron writes in a variety of genres from women’s fiction to historical romantic thrillers and romantic suspense to paranormal/fantasy and cozy mysteries. She’s received writing awards in Single Title, Suspense Romance, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements and Paranormal/Fantasy Romance. She was also The Finalist in the 2017 Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) in the Romance Category for her novel, Stumble Stones, and The Finalist for the 2018 GAYA Awards in the Romance category for her novel, The Alibi. Her latest novel, The Case of the Forgotten Fragonard, Book 3 in the Massimo Domingo Mystery series, her 29th work of fiction, was released today. A public relations consultant in Atlanta, Marilyn is past chair and current member of Roswell Reads and serves on the Atlanta Authors Series Committee. To find out more about what Marilyn writes, visit her website at: www.marilynbaron.com/

You can connect with Marilyn here:

Preferred Website: www.marilynbaron.com

Email: Marilynbaroncom@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarilynBaron

Instagram: Marilyn Baron (@marilyn.baron.5)

Personal Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marilyn.baron.5?ref=bookmarks

Author Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Marilyn-Baron-286807714666748/

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Baron/e/B008PJFQPC%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/marilyn-baron

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/search?q=marilyn+baron&qid=

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Photo of the day, day 30

In 2019, before the world changed forever, we all took a family trip to London for 10 days. While walking back from dinner one night along Tower Bridge, I spotted a little man painting watercolors of the scenery and selling his art. I purchased this and another to depict our time in the great city for 5 pounds each. Well worth the money!

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Photo of the day, day 25


This oil painting hangs in my daughter’s apartment. It was painted by my mother-in-law ( her grandma Peggy) eons ago but it really shows all the talent my MIL possessed.

She was an amazing human being. Raised 6 kids, then when they were all done with their college educations, went back herself and earned a BA in Fine Arts.

I wish everyone was blessed to have a woman in their lives like her.


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Photo of the day, day 16

People come into your lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The artist who painted me today’s photo is life-time keeper.

The first day of kindergarten, my daughter made a forever friend. Luckily the young lady’s mother became one of mine, as well. I watched this 5-year-old grow into an inquisitive, lovely, and funny child, teenager, and then woman. Along the way, she found her passion in photography and art. As an aside, my professional headshot picture was taken by her. Several years ago when I embarked on this writing journey she painted me today’s photo. It’s a little play on words because you can interpret it two ways: as write, being I must write now, and as a just do it – right now! I love that.

If you’re looking for an amazing photographer for a family shoot or a wedding, you can contact her here: STEPHANIE RITA PHOTO

If you’re looking for some amazing art to line home, you can view her stuff here: Stephanie Rita Creative

She truly is a lifetime keeper!


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