A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK is now a #ChaptersGame titled UNDER HIS PROTECTION #romanticsuspense #interactivegames

Can you tell I’m over the moon excited??!!! HEE HEE

Today, Crazy Maple studios released my interactive game on their gaming sight!!!! yes, a SUNDAY release. The comments from the gamers have been amazing so far!!!

I can’t believe I HAVE A VIDEO GAME from one of my books!! Well, not a video game, but an interactive one. You get to choose how the characters look, what they wear, what they say and do based on the premise of the book. The game is based on A PRIDE OF BROTHERS:RICK – one of my favs!

YOu have to download the Chapters Interactive app, here’s the link:
and then type in either my name or the title UNDER HIS PROTECTION. The first chapter is free to play!!! I just did it on my phone and then my iPad to make sure it worked and it did and I had a ball. The way they manipulated the content of the book is pretty amazing.

OMGOMGOMG!!! I’m a video game!!!!!

Honestly, my life is now complete. Hee hee




11 responses to “A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK is now a #ChaptersGame titled UNDER HIS PROTECTION #romanticsuspense #interactivegames

  1. D.V. Stone

    Very cool!

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  2. MJ Schiller

    That’s so cool, Peggy! Congratulations!

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  3. Suzanne


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  4. How amazing! We get to step into the pages of your book! It’s awesome!

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  5. How awesome! That is some accomplishment!! Looks like fun. Wishing you lots of success with it!

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  6. Oh, my gosh, Peggy, how fascinating! And creative! An entirely new avenue for our books!! Big congratulations and gobs of success. did you have to provide all the options for the gamers choices on different story options or did someone at the company do that?

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  7. Wow! Peggy, this is amazing! Congratulations! Wishing you all the best!


  8. So cool! I am playing it now!!


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