New Chapters are LIVELIVELIVE in UNDER HIS PROTECTION a @chaptersgame #romanticsuspense

I love Sundays for so many reasons, but right now it’s because on Sundays new chapters in my interactive game UNDER HIS PROTECTION drop into the romance gaming world. The game is based on my award-winning romantic suspense book from The WILD ROSE PRESS, A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK

Have you been following along? I have and it’s my story, hee hee. But the gamer makers have changed some aspects so It’s fun to see where they take the characters. They change the physical characteristics of the characters, too, which is fun for me. You can choose what you want the h/h to look like, wear, say, and do.

If you’re a gamer – or even if you’re just curious about the whole thing – go to the Chapters game app on your phone, upload the app for free and find my story.



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